Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Zombie brain day

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 8 months ago

The writers workshop is in its last hour, technical software update issues has stranded 100 of us in the room with most of the microphones live. Some real troopers are carving out a niche for the exercise nonetheless. I have muted myself, just nursing my way through the last hours of the day.

Sleep last night was a fantasy, in stark contrast to “fantastic.” In bed early, I was resting deeply by 9 PM. Awake in the dark, I dared not check the time, but feeling my stirring was not likely to pass quickly, I looked. 22:38. My heart dropped. That was all of the sleep that transpired.

Waking into the fast water, to be honest I probably did lose consciousness at some point, my alarm beckoned me towards the morning meditation and the writers workshop underway just behind that.

The pressure sores that have plagued and never quite gone all the way away, made one more resurgence this morning, leaving me on my side to heal for nearly 2 hours. It was noon when I stirred finally out of bed. Just in time for the lunch break for the webinar, a moment to get settled with the weekly review and a short call with David.

“Sleeplessness sickness” Patience called it. I’ve been filtering like a sieve today, brain slightly better than mush, body slightly better than dead. 😉 Somehow a few things of managed to get done in the midst of it all and writing now, still before 5 PM I find myself optimistic for a shower and bed before the day is too late.

Stephanie just popped through, inadvertently taunting me with the rich odor of the coffee, freshly decanted, in hand. I’ve stayed away from the caffeine today, definitely wanting as little as possible to stand between me and sleep tonight.

More later… Just kidding. 😉 More tomorrow.

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