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Kabir kadre|2 years, 24 days ago

Yesterday was another historically massive day of protests worldwide. On the surface this is about the systemic injustice of racism, and that is just and true and as it should be.

There is something deeper going on.

Humanity has been, for eons, moving through the evolutionary journey born in the context of predator and prey.

On the savanna, it looks simple enough, the strongest male lion (perhaps not just physical strength but other qualities as well) chases away the “lesser” challengers and propagates the gene pool with his ideological (genetic) preference and proclivities. There is privilege in this for his genetic code, and that lineage will drive the species for generations to come.

What is happening in the world today is a part of a larger watershed moment. It is not just about access to justice, it is about access to health and wealth and vitality as a fundamental right, not just for humanity, but for all of nature.

Much change is incremental, in fact all change is that way if you look at it from a certain perspective, but there is also wholesale change. The volcano erupts and the landscape is changed for eons in a matter of minutes. Volcano, asteroid, tool, manipulation of fire, wheel, Internet, all brought sudden and violent disruption. Of course there are degrees. What about Corona and sweet George?

Predator and prey dynamics emerge on a barren rock hurtling through space, the first signs of life emerge somehow gently. This life receives energy either from sunlight or spark. Eventually it begins to pray on inanimate minerals for its thriving. Later, life preys on life. One species to another, or perhaps within, this dynamic begins to take shape.

A Sufi prayer:

“All life is one, and everything that lives is holy. All must eat to live and to nourish one another. We bless the lives that have died to give us food. Let us eat consciously, resolving by our work to pay the debt of our existence.”

I think we are, evolutionarily speaking, still quite some way from transcending that need to incur the debt of existence through the death of others for nutrition, but…

I’ve started to write recently on the American Experiment and, in my view, my kosmology if you will, the world is bursting for an evolutionary jump into a radical new paradigm, where the violence implicit in acts of power can no longer be held as the cost of doing business as usual.

Third person objectivity, rationalism, wherever it arises, always seeks a “T” Truth. This perspective never fully realizes the contextual nature of its own indigenous questions, and so their answers. The recognition that truth and objectivity are perspectival and therefore subjective events, only meaningfully arises in the context of a global ecosystem with the dawning and maturation of a fourth person realization. This realization reveals that we must learn to navigate, recognize, and honor the lineage forces involved in the manufacture of a paradigm.

“Let us live consciously, resolving by our work to pay the debt of our existence.”

Whatever freedom is, it certainly isn’t free. There is no “purchase once, own forever” model anywhere in nature. Even in the non-dual traditions, piercing the illusion of time to reach an infinite and timeless eternity, “own forever” is meaningless as there is no “purchase” from which to begin.

Freedom, whatever it may be, and certainly alongside justice and respect, must be honored and its debt paid like a river ongoing. Each new moment, a gift, a privilege, and a debt, not a debt to the past of our particular lineage, but to the future of all beings.

I was privileged to take a moment to tune into a conversation yesterday with the founders of the new UFO website, “what’s up with UFOs?” These are friends of mine, professionals whom I have known and respected for many years and who have earned that respect not just for me but from countless others, both of these gentlemen have massive reputation and “skin in the game” to protect, and this initiative, for obvious reasons, places those currencies at risk.

For me, and for them, this conversation is about more than just flying saucers and little green men, but in fact touches the roots of countless indigenous cultures and ideologies – from mountain ferries and earth spirits, to ancient wisdom teachings spreading to this planet tens of thousands of years ago, from other planes and realms of existence, to the hard rock of earth itself.

What we know and accept as “truth,” and “justice” are concepts that have been won on the savanna in bareknuckle, bloodied, and strategic combat. Too many impoverished and persecuted minorities, indeed and in truth, the impoverished and exploited majority of humanity knows this all too well.

We are in the midst of an evolutionary transition between the time of defending and maintaining our tribal and cultural ideological purities, and the new time, when the unique and precious value of each and every living instance is recognized and honored – as it was long ago – but in a new and somewhat evolved way, as if the song of humanity has just jumped to a new octave in the cosmic symphony.

On the streets of America, we must stop killing black men and boys. In the wilds of the world, we must stop destroying indigenous cultures. We must stop making the garden of Eden worse than we found it. From a Christian theological perspective, God has given this earth to mankind, not to consume, but to steward. None of us are smart enough, good enough or wise enough to do that alone, we must forge the way to honor, respect, and care for one another so that we can do this together.

While at a glance, this daily personal journal reflection and update may seem as though it has wondered more into the theme of an essay, but I assure you. This is personal. These thoughts, these realities, this work is what confronts me every day. It’s what I did all last week, and the weeks before that, it is what I will do today.

Sunday, cold and windy outside. I felt mostly fine until I decided to have eggs and vegetables for breakfast – it seemed pretty harmless. The autonomic dysreflexia and discomfort came up just as I was finishing. Probably something to do with digestion right now. I can smell the spiced tea brewing on the stove, with luck a little remedy and relief.

I’ll turn my attention now to the weekly review of projects and to do items, catch some reading built up over the week, and hopefully some correspondence as well. Caroline and I will likely attend a little to the project of the gate. Much to be done at this desk, in this home, in this person that I am, and in this world. Won’t you join me? 🙂

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