Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Where’s Kurisu?

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

6 o’clock, top of the hour.

Maybe the most novel moment of the day was fashioned after “where’s Waldo,” as we were making our way through the MettaCare Rosetta Stone Dialogue and Dr. Mike, on the call remotely appeared out the window over my shoulder, zooming in from the back deck just outside the sunroom.

“Where’s Kurisu!” Someone exclaimed with joy. It was perfect, my soul giggled.

The serendipity was having scheduled this call with very busy people for just a moment in Mike’s day when he was free also to be stopping by for our regular osteopathic checkup and support. This new modality of “home visit” adds a kind of depth to our already rich “medical” engagements.

As the call started and Patience made her way over to the couch with her lunch I was looking over my shoulder in frame noticing LB, Stephanie, Uma and thinking to myself – now this is exactly the kind of creative clubhouse energy this space was made for!

Adding Mike, in person, to the symphony of a humming care field was like the prize hidden near the bottom of the cracker Jack box when I was young. Carmel goodness AND a toy! Okay, so maybe the metaphor is a little tone deaf, but with that “where’s Waldo” moment the feeling was right on top of that familiar sensation of childhood glee.

How did it get to be 6 o’clock!?… Of course I know. And yet…

“My day starts with 5 AM phone meetings with folks on the East Coast, and then the next thing, and the next… You’ve got a list of priorities, and the day is ending and you look and you haven’t even made it to the first one!” Recounted Mike cheerfully as we reminisced on the incredible fullness of the time.

Here at my own little Ground Zero, we’ve got training, cultural integration, parts coming and going, health waning and waxing, systems redevelopment and reintegration, miscellaneous repairs, and to do’s, most of it well before opening the morning inbox or projects list.

Somehow the sense of grace continues to rain in and most of those moments are met with a sense of grateful surrender.

LB and I managed our first solo shower journey last evening, making our way to bed and lights out somewhere partway through the 11 o’clock hour. The morning saw Stephanie back from yesterday’s Leela, in well enough spirits having found her sister but having missed her dad.

The new moon in about 90 minutes seemed to have crossed a cusp of reverberation somewhere in the last 30 hours or so. We can only imagine what tomorrow holds…

This morning as I rested on my side, healing what I pray is the last of the recent rash of skin breakdown, I took some time to listen in on a conversation from Daniel Thorson and Zak Stein, I had mixed feelings.

On the one hand, these conversations about understanding our moment in history and picking carefully our path forward feel central to my own sense of direction and ethos.

On the other hand, when do we get out over our skis just “consuming” content? This first was the presented quandary of Mr. Thorson, which in fact led me to delay my listing for a full day…

On the other hand, the conversation took the familiar “problem-solving” approach that understands our condition from the point of view of life’s suffering. “Why does it have to be about suffering?” DeAunne said on today’s call, echoing in my mind’s eye this moment the morning podcast. Why indeed? I wonder. What if instead we frame our condition as the natural bloom state of the cosmic garden, noticing ourselves the awakened buds exploring the possible creative avenues of this and the next moments?

More and more I’m starting to wonder about launching my own podcast. There are so many incredible conversations to be had and, just maybe, there is weaving to be done in this emerging tapestry of the subtle global humanity.

Another day in our Southern California heatwave and due to the position of my desk just under the register, here I sit in long sleeves gazing out the window where I can even see the humidity in the yellow evening air.

My guess is we were stone’s throw away from 100° temperatures today. So much gift in today’s modern world, so much to take for granted…

Cassandra shared a bowl of her delicious mung doll with me for dinner, dropping in a fried egg before popping off for a moment to drop Patience at her recently repaired and updated automobile. The afternoon’s clubhouse atmosphere winds down into a quiet evening with an afterglow of creative care flowing in omni-directions…

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