Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

What never settles…

|1 year, 25 days ago

It truly must be a moment since I logged any record in this journal of the flickering lights unfolding in this dance of here to now…

If I’m writing to you dear Charles, I hardly know where I left off. If just to myself, what indeed to say to mark the presence?

Here we are now on Ibis street, Mill Peak, our home of nearly 14 years, in the rearview mirror. If not for neighbors Ron and Bruna, it would be firmly left to the mists in the bend.

The new owners, Haneen and Mudhar and Faris are settling in, getting the knack for the large and small. I’m sending little notes, reminders of things to do as they come up on our to-do list, itself still catching up to the new digs.

Moving day was just that. Thanks to Ron, 17 living souls lifted fingers that day. While I still rose, a small army shuffled and by the time I broke through the doorway and down the hall the house was practically packed and neatly staged in the driveway beyond – to say nothing of the full trucks waiting on the street.

Josh was taking the technical lead, another invite from Ron, taking down the wiring from televisions and computers and network equipment, practically passing me in the hallway on his way to disassemble and ready my bed behind me for transport.

On the other end he reversed the process and I would be able to retire that afternoon in my new home, really no later than 1 PM had I chosen.

On arriving to the new place I had the pleasure of meeting Angel and seeing Dale for the second time. Ron had brought Dale by the house a few days prior to chat revolutions in finance and other marvelous things. This day Dale and Angel were putting the finishing touches on the bare structure of the ramp, allowing me instant ingress to the new property we’ll be calling my home.

The final polish on that particular piece of architecture would take a few more days and leave a lasting mark of friendship and construction elegance on the land.

In just two and a few waves of trucks and bodies house and carriage house filled up with boxes. Ron had orchestrated the whole thing, leaving me a bit head spun and dazed in the midst of the commotion. Where usually I would be tracking and directing every detail, this day I was more a witness to something marvelous than anything in particular making it happen.

I started the day quiet, in counsel with my meditation guide, marking the last morning and moment in the place of old, and the first in the movement of transition with a little wisdom counsel before the love tsunami broke on the shore washing what was into what will be.

Nova brought bagels and stood steadily at my side, lifting and flexing caretaking my body through the adventure. Terra arrived at 3 PM to the new abode and a quite incomprehensible wall of action. You could see her head visibly spin for just a moment while her feet caught up to the motion and she snapped into action.

By her attention to the details, I would rest easy that evening.

Sometime near five or six, the moving crew nodded, smiling, job well done, and made their way out the door. Ron and Dale and I and Terra lingered in the evening light while Dale polished forward his elegant handiwork, finding in the shed some green paint to match the house for the sides of the ramp.

It was quite a sight, those two old hands, who had known countless hours and days and weeks and years of work, just casually basking in the glow of the day, touching up this, finishing that. Everything was calm, easy, job well done.

I slept soundly that night, woke in the morning. The Internet installer would be in at 11. Nova and I would put the house in motion now beginning to refine the chaos of boxes in a process of discovering the new order of this new place.

The following morning I would wake for a weeklong meditation retreat. Just enough foundation and structure to set the tone…

Molly was heading up, with Nova, the interview process in search of new care partners – we need two at least, and possibly three. Everything is in motion. While I practiced the millennia old techniques, I would be met on breaks with new faces to vet and questions of order as Terra, Nova, Molly, Leo, and Ron busied themselves in my favor to coax structure from the protoplasmic array of “things.”

The course went well, as did the beloved labors of my friends and the day after we began training our first new partner. That was just two days ago. Tomorrow we will begin training the next, if God wills it.

There are still a few piles of debris waiting to be measured as in or out, a few things put away there will need to be shuffled…

[Some days later…]

… The flow of efforts and attention is still broken a bit by the unpacking of boxes and the irregularities in the presence of Care Partners, I’m not even sure right now what it was that interrupted the writing, and I’m only just now back a few minutes before 7 PM some days later.

We are in the thick of training now, Adrienne well underway and Erica just getting the feel for things; we will meet Francisco on Wednesday, and Kristan will begin introducing herself, and we to her, on Friday.

The tender boil of transformation Continues…

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God gets to know things, we just get to ask questions…