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Kabir Kadre

What is the nature of the masculine and the feminine? 

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

Another day leaning in and being pushed back by the thresholds of freedom. I took my time getting up, and when the body became too disquiet, I returned to laying in bed.

Literally everyone I met today (All three of them) was struggling with something that felt big and weighty.

To my friend I said,” none of us is carrying this weight just for ourselves.” It seems true to me.

The same friend is feeling a lot of emotion coming up, self worth, clarity, and others, in the context of an emerging relationship. I mentioned this writing I have done a few years ago and I am sharing it here for that friend, and anyone else who might be thinking themselves of these polarities.

Still writing from bed… Fodder.


I found this question dancing on the seafoam of my thoughts recently and explored it thusly… 


As these two natures are essential to the cosmic vitality that expresses itself as life (for this inquiry, from a human perspective – though perhaps usefully more), I started with those two cells whose union manifests this vital movement. 


The ovum and the spermatozoa are the two essential units of these overarching qualities. Approached from this perspective – sperm can be seen as the seed of life and ovum, recognized as the seat of life. 


In the manifestation of the feminine expression of human life, the ovum is present from birth. From there, this cell (self) sustains, patiently and peacefully for a moment of inception. In that moment of conception, the feminine self receives the masculine and an extended process of nurturing development begins in the home of the ovum. 


These long movements of sustaining and nurturing the new expression cultivate an embodied awareness and wisdom of context and by context, fit. In this sense, the feminine principle is deeply aware of the nature of context, and in particular – the context of its unique manifestation. By virtue of this wisdom and awareness, the feminine quality is well-suited to sense, feel, and, in broad terms, direct and nurture the overarching evolutionary movement. 


The masculine, the spermatozoa, manifests in overwhelming numbers and its purpose is movement to a point beyond its initial indigenous context, and a goal of union for the purpose of manifestation. Supplies of these cells are constantly maintained by an ongoing production. 


This movement is the flash of inspiration, and reactivity to acute opportunity and need. Context is a distraction, and not essential to its purpose and it is therefore well-suited to act freely towards a point, and without concern for obstacle or implication. This “in the moment” reality cultivates a liberation that manifests, in an instant, that which is unique and new and becomes eventually the substance of which context is formed. 


Perhaps unsurprisingly, my initial inquiry was spawned (pun welcome 😉 in an effort to more appreciatively understand what might constitute a well-integrated relational dynamic between a man and a woman. As I pondered further I recognized that this inquiry may be just as likely to yield insight into the movements of the masculine and feminine within ourselves. 


Working from the above principles, the following may be one way to extrapolate this perspective into the nature of a well masculine/feminine dyad. 


As the woman is the seat of the most powerful expression of the feminine, it is her intuition, her general sense of being (informed by context,) that may be construed as holding the greatest wisdom regarding the overall direction in which the couple may contribute their energy to the evolutionary movement. 


In response to this guidance (as of the mother), the man – that expression of the most concentrated masculine – can employ his gift of visionary inspiration within the width of the boundaries established by the feminine wisdom. [Footnote: in Buddhist terms, this wisdom is feminine, and the masculine is the “skillful means”.] Acting in an instant, in a flash of insight and opportunity, the man can bring forth a precise and pointed intention which he brings as offering into the relationship. Given the loving guidance of the woman, he may bring many such offerings, among which she will choose only those that her intuition suggests are most closely aligned with her sense of a beautiful and just evolutionary movement. 


Having received the offering of the man’s inspiration and vision, the woman may choose to bring that vision deeply into her being and begin the long and concentrated effort of working towards its majesty and manifestation. 


In this sense, the woman, the feminine, can justly be seen as both the powerhouse and the engine of the unfolding human species. The man’s contribution is of course, not finished. 


The concentrated effort of nurturing the creative movement is a deeply focused activity, rightly served by the establishment of sacred boundaries and the purity of the atmosphere of the container. Creation of such a container calls on the strengths of both the feminine and masculine qualities; there must be both attention to long-term needs and context and the short-term agility to address design criteria and challenges in the moment. Once established, this container again is the domain of the feminine attention and direction. 


In order to fully fledge the creative expression, the container of the evolving conception – be it child, craft, society, or world – will require maintenance in many forms. These needs, though some predictable, will also be manifest in real time and therefore well met by the indigenous proclivities of the masculine expression. 


In concrete terms, this puts the man again at the direction of the woman to carry out that work necessary to the survival and thriving of the central concentration. At the direction, but also creatively autonomous to act from his nature spontaneously and with agility, yet always with deference to the guidelines established by the feminine wisdom and intuition. 


What does this infer within the single being? 


Ourselves being manifestations of this union of the masculine and feminine, we can recognize the inherentcy of these qualities to our unique expression. Exploring these metaphors, from where do we source our direction? How do we define our objectives? From what space do we discern those opportunities to act on, and which to let pass? Having established a focused intention, what qualities, and in what doses, and at what times do we bring to bear in service to the realization of that intention? 




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