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Kabir kadre|2 years, 1 month ago

Restless night, late morning… I wore the overnight blood oxygen sensor again last evening, oddly enough I found my sleep a bit disturbed – the device goes on my thumb and contrary to corona advice my hand tends to touch my face fairly often during the night.

Par to the honoring of life and death, yesterday was largely a liminal space of various dialogues, conversations, reflection, sprinkled with the non sequitur filing of government forms and documents. The final event on the calendar yesterday was the second meeting of the Visionary Sessions community. I had had such a positive experience of that initiative starting with the kickoff event last Tuesday and then a follow-up “play session” on Friday that I had put on the full court press to draw others to the conversation (which is ongoing.)

I was delighted to find six or seven had responded to my encouragement and were on the “call” (is that what we are calling these multiplayer videoconferences these days?) The depth and substance of the dialogue thus far has been quite remarkable and last evening’s engagements certainly kept pace with delivery on those counts. After a 20 minute presentation on the distinction between leading a “company” and leading a “movement,” we moved into our more intimate breakout groups of 4 for a 30 minute conversation about how these constructs showed up for us and how we leveraged or might leverage a “vision for humanity” in our own work.

I was delighted to find that my good fortune had placed me in a breakout group with one of the organizers whom I had had the honor of participating with last week’s breakout group as well. The first partner in our group to speak with someone I had seen on the previous play session and whose name for some reason struck me as familiar. As it turns out we have a good number of contacts in common but have yet to strike on any previous direct connection.

As the gentleman began to speak about his work – nourishing humanity through cultivating networks of farmers to more skillfully care for the planetary microbiome of the soil which becomes the plants and animals and food and people and ideas – I found myself enthralled with the nature of that work, connecting many parties to care in commons which is precisely the high leverage focus of our efforts on MettaCare.

I shared next, reflecting on the subtle trepidations I felt about adopting the term “movement,” somewhere I’m still working to reconcile a broad inclusiveness of “all” with the construct of leading from a particular point of view or direction. Nonetheless as I came to the end of my sharing and description of what we hope to accomplish with MettaCare, I was perfectly happy to describe it in terms of hoping to start a movement towards a greater sophistication, realization, and practice of care.

The next to speak was a woman who is the CEO of a specialty consulting group focused on “Empowering the Co-creation of a Sustainable World” that works with, as she described, a variety of intersecting movements. If you know me you might be giggling right now recognizing just how “right at home” I was starting to feel in this conversation.

I was a little saddened as our time was running short and we had yet to hear from Allie on the subject at hand, I was slightly consoled to know that she’ll be the presenter next week, but grateful nonetheless as she skillfully made use of the moments she had to offer her own reflection into the mix. I almost cried when she pointed out the sense of feeling like she had been out of place for so many years, finding just recently that the self she had been sacredly stewarding was found to be emerging is precisely what the world is needing today. I have lived with that discomfort myself for many years and only recently have begun to experience glimmers of that possibility.

Our little breakout wrapped up and we found ourselves back in the main room with the other of our co-conspirators. The depth and quality of the conversation continued to resonate as we approached the 90 minute mark which was the formal ending of the event. Having realized from the previous week the value and intensity of the engagement, the organizing had chosen wisely to support a 30 minute extended dialogue for any who wished to stay on. Most did.

Finally at the end of the two hours, our lovely facilitator graciously closed the session, thanking everyone for their time, attention, and participation, people waving and smiling started to blank out of the virtual conference room. As the numbers started to dwindle, I called out cheerfully, “whose job is it any way to bounce us out of this party?”

My friend Kelly, the lead organizer, laughed, “no one” she said.

She and I and Allie proceeded to spend about another 30 minutes simply reflecting on what has been transpiring in the unfolding process. Part way through the presentation I had started to realize that there were things I might like to present, and presenters I might like to host to this group. Next Tuesday will be the final session of the first round of this initiative, I’m excited to see what comes next…

I wound down the evening with the lovely and graceful Miss Cassandra and retired, just a little later than usual, too bed.

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