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Kabir kadre|2 years, 1 month ago

Cool days upon us, I rise into the day to find the morning rays eclipsed clouds working their way east into the desert.

Two crows, or are they raven, drift back towards the hillside having satisfied themselves with divebombing the hawk into lofty retreat and submission.

Caroline recorded a video yesterday of instruction on massage based torso manipulation intended to draw more breath and flexibility back into my upper regions.

The hawk has quickly returned to skies uncomfortable for our black friends who have resumed their efforts of harassment.

Many shifts recently, from change in the weather to an uptick in Ayurvedic dietary support, increased physical support with range of motion going longer and moving into the abdomen, chest, and shoulders, the turning, turning world remains in motion, novelty and uncertainty at every turn.

Why is it that more people are not talking about the UFOs recently identified by the U.S. Navy?

I got to catch up with my mom for a few moments yesterday, glad that she seems to be doing well – a house to sell, relatives to visit, and move to Thailand in her future… Or at least that was the plan when everything changed. Her spirits were bright nonetheless if mildly unsettled on when and how to move and where and at what pace…

Next was a conversation with dear Charles, the inspiration for these pages, sheltering well in place in the valley north of LA. Charles has just been reading and has uncovered some rather unpleasant confirmations indicating a potential futility of renewable energy sources. “Nuclear is the way to go.” He proclaimed, having investigated the number of credible sources.

I’ve heard the latter portion of this case before and the conclusion did not surprise me. I think however I stumbled into the wrong response when I raised the question of so-called “distributed energy machines” designed to draw power directly from the Earth’s electromagnetic field. “Magical thinking,” he called it. Reflecting this morning I realized I have likely suffered a terrible case of “failure to know your audience.”

Still… With UFOs zipping around, behaving in ways defiant to our modern understandings of physics, I wonder if we might be getting ripe for a revisitation of certain threads of “magical thinking?” UFOs or no, at least the world has been shaken up today and we might be wise to revisit some radical ideas in contrast to dumbly returning to our relatively unbridled plunge into sociopolitical climate disaster and extraction/pollution methodologies…

I slept well again last night, gently aware of Courtney resting in the guestroom between yesterday’s evening care duties and her return to those supporting efforts this morning. I woke feeling fresh from a dream near 5 AM and had the first good day of meditation I’ve managed to enjoy in some time.

The dream was full, though I remember only the last moments of it. Saying over my shoulder to some friendly people I was departing something to the effect of “just fill the world with love,” I was met by my old Sufi teacher just walking into the room with a bowl of cereal, “right?” I said, smiling. He beamed, agreeing wholeheartedly.

A moment later, he pointed out – “you were supposed to be dead now.”

I woke wondering if this was an indication of some karma broken, or something else… It felt liberating nonetheless.

Courtney came in having enjoyed a leisurely morning and walk in the early sun’s rays, and we had a lovely ceremony of getting up accompanied by a recorded lecture from an old friend of mine, a Sufi teacher from Austria speaking on “humanity towards dignity and unity…”

And now Monday morning… Cooking sounds and smells coming from the kitchen, dashboard indicators on my desktop tracking markets, emails, to do lists and more – mostly yet untended, but promising to be the work of the day…

My body is quite spastic this morning, perhaps from cool air, perhaps from the shifting mood in the weather, or maybe something else. It’s kept me on my toes thus far just wheeling down the hall and through the house.

It’s Charlotte’s birthday today, let’s all send good thoughts. 🙂

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