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Kabir Kadre

Tippy steppingstone

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 6 months ago

Out of bed, if maybe just briefly…

Some discomfort present, likely candidate is the undercarriage wound still healing, feeling pressure from an upright position.

Since I started this entry, I’ve been out to observe the fountain filling, with luck the good rewards of Molly’s effort to quite literally put a cork in it, and from there made my way back to the bedroom and a reclined position for a thorough evaluation and resetting of treatment for the aforementioned wound which we shall call Alice.

I’ve returned to upright and sent Ms. Molly to take a lunch for herself, after a fairly nonstop morning and day working our way through an extended rising process that included the relatively rare concurrences of wound care, lightheadedness, aspiration and coughing, reassembly of household processes and special projects work.

The people working with me really do earn their sainthood.

Darla is visiting, Nova hosting a little Christmas party for her and our friend Doug while I am tending to the not unfamiliar game of catch up here at the desk.

In the conversation accompanying our midday reassembly, Molly shared with me her own complex of nuanced health concerns and ongoing challenges. I’m always taken to see how much of this diverse challenge runs just beneath the surface for so many otherwise apparently strong and healthy individuals.

Glancing out the window, Molly commented at the grey skies and cool air, “this is an average day.” Mentioning subsequently, for this is a term from her time in Australia, where “average” is more a euphemism for something subpar and perhaps even undesirable.

Time has been a bit turned on its head, 7 AM took forever turning to 10 PM which became 11:30 AM in an instant. Since then an eternity has passed, and we are just before 2:30 PM, the rest of the day seems unpredictable from here, though I thoroughly expect time’s accordion to persist.

It’s nice to be writing again from the desktop. Our midday inspection suggests the healing trajectory continues making it likely I’ll be able to rise and work from here again tomorrow.

The regular Sunday weekly review will have to wait a day, perhaps two. Today is a day of moving through the stream, from steppingstone to wet and tippy steppingstone, and on…

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