Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Time echoes…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 6 months ago

Darkness falls, sweet Sikh mantras drift through the house, Nova’s keyboard clicks away, and my body ripples with subtle discomfort, source unknown.

I slept soundly last night, strangely soundly relatively speaking. I drifted off near 10 PM and didn’t stir, waking feeling refreshed nine hours later. This was uncommon, I’m not even sure I remember any dreams, though now that I say that out loud I recall fragments, some effort to shape a foam doughnut from a collection of foam cubes…

8 o’clock would bring Vanessa and our new friend Molly through the door. I sat up to meditate, making my way through some of Dan’s guided instructions.

Right on the hour, the ladies arrived smiling and cheerful. We had harbored some question whether Molly would be up to the lifting portion of the process, but as she came through the door beaming brightly through her mask, her athletic physique banished that thought in an instant.

She and I and Vanessa spent the next window of time just settling into one another, acclimating Molly to the space and we and we to her.

Getting up went smoothly, save for a minor hiccup finding our way through the closet organization currently in transition. Molly and I would return to attend that later in the afternoon, a good opportunity to check in on our flow working together on a simple enough project, and provide her a little further window into the nuance and nature of things in my world.

By the time I was dressed and ready, the atmosphere was one of collegiate warmth and familiarity, I left the new friends to settle the room, finding my way to the desk to begin the Sunday ritual of review.

V and M followed shortly behind, making their way through the laundry into the kitchen, and eventually to me. Smoothies for breakfast I suggested, Vanessa has had some rather delightful successes coming up with delicious, filling and nutritious versions of the morning drink lately and I thought to keep on that streak.

I continued making my way through the organization of things been and things to come while Vanessa continued the process of introducing Molly to the various aspects of our work and atmosphere here. This was of course periodically interrupted by my long-winded narratives about this or that “extremely important” aspect of meditation, community, spirituality, sustainability, or some other such matter that grabbed my attention.

Our new friend seemed to take it all in stride, even occasionally appearing to enjoy the “conversation” by adding thoughts and perspectives of her own. 😉

Elisa called to discuss the trust and her fiduciary responsibilities as trustee for the matter. Lovingly and endearingly she is pursuing both the question of “is there a way for me to remain in this house” and “what adorable place might she discover on my behalf elsewhere?”

We ran some numbers, digging through spreadsheets and spit balling ideas while I moved back and forth across the office, dancing between the open spreadsheet on my desk, and the warm late morning sunshine coming through the window on the opposite side of the room.

I could be so easily convinced to live someplace even warmer. 🙂

Vanessa popped in while I was warming my bones in the sun to bid adieu. She was in on special voluntary assignment this morning, both to ensure Sunday morning coverage, and also serendipitously to begin the training of Ms. Molly.

She appeared notably heart warmed by her interactions both with Molly, and together as a little cohort here, which left me with a deeper sense of reassurance about a growing feeling of well-being in our reforming MettaCare field.

My initial interactions with Molly left me with some projections as to the nature of her experience in life. In particular I had assumed some level of familiarity with various terms of “spirituality” which are commonplace in many of my circles of conversation. As the morning progressed and I kept dropping names and terms to blank stares, the mirth within me grew to realize my casual expectations.

There are few things more delightful in appreciating a person than to find those qualities of spiritual appreciation born of simple personal experience, the embrace of nature, the appreciation for life, and the generosity of self, but no words of pretension, or history of training to think of those things as anything more than natural sanity. Molly gave me this gift today.

When I asked her about meditation, she said she was just happy to be using this app of guided content, and pointed to a woman there whose meditations she particularly appreciated. I thought I recognized the name so followed up only to receive a second gift – I had no idea who the woman was, but I’m glad I do now. I don’t think we grew up together, but from her story, I think we may as well have.

Molly warmed some of David’s stew for us for lunch while I continued to pontificate on the nature of spirituality as awareness and its relationship to currency flows. In turn, Molly gave me a gracious tour of her family makeup and the educational and professional journey that brought her to our doorstep.

She has two mystical sisters, my words, not hers, that reminded me of an old friend, Mugs, and her two sisters from a life long ago. I’ve been appreciating lately something about the way time seems to echo through life.

Tamra made a little video, Ode to Failure, that I watched this afternoon which echoed some recent thoughts I’ve had about how to share something of my own experience lately, seeing failure not so much in a negative light, but more for its qualities of gift.

Molly and I made short work of the closet. We both agreed that the day went well and the feeling of a good fit and quality synergy was indeed mutual. I introduced her to a few of the more clerical matters, apps to download, information for payroll, etc., and we parted company planning to be back at it first thing in the morning.

Nova was out and the house quiet. I turned my attention to an email reply to Fionn which had been lingering on my desktop for nearly a week. In theory, correspondence is supposed to be a big part of my Sunday activity, but my inbox on the matter relates a different story.

One down, 30 to go…

Nova and I have completed our application for a new prospective residence for which we will likely have news tomorrow. The adorable place from just yesterday. Also tomorrow Elise and I will further meet with the trust attorney to resolve new questions and plot the course forward.

Darkness has fallen, the Grateful Dead jamming quietly in the background, Nova making breakfast burritos for dinner echoes from the kitchen. Some discomfort still moves in my body, maybe my foot still healing. Time to wind down…

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