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Kabir Kadre

Thump thump

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 9 months ago

Thump, thump… I don’t know if this is actual movement in my body, or just some sensation – a dull rubber mallet moving in the etheric kosha. In an instant the spasticity arises, moving swiftly through the whole body.

No actual force of movement presents itself, except the sensation of everything in motion, and not fluid, but intense and with conviction. Like the sprinters body on the block in the second instant while the starting gun still rings in the air.

Today has mostly been still and calm with regards to sensation, a few hours ago I had a subtle hit which then subsided. Now, just moments before the proverbial pen reaches the page, thump, thump…

It’s a good practical metaphor, I thought I was coming with something to write, in this moment all I can remember is… Thump, thump.

Thump, thump, goes the music in the background. The doors of the house just open, letting in the cool evening air, the attic fan pushing the days heat out the eaves. Today, a balmy 90° – almost sweater weather after the weekend of triple digits.

Miss Vanessa scheduled to train this morning arrived just moments after the 7 o’clock hour.

Patience had come to my room, the lead trainer and my go to today, eyes bleary – an emotional engagement yesterday had left her up late burning energy at the stove to make a split peas soup and ease her nerves.

The psychic hangover had left her tender in the morning, resting after meditation instead of going into the body of her kundalini yoga discipline. I smiled, “would it help to do your practice?” I asked. A smile grew over her face, and a nod.

She met Vanessa at the door, welcoming her in before disappearing into her room to tame the nervous energy.

Following suit, Vanessa and I started the day as well with a meditation practice together, a nice tone throughout the house as we reconvened for the 8 o’clock hour, each individually fresh now from our respective stillness of mind and heart.

The morning went predictably well, the smoke from the nearby fires was little enough to enjoy breakfast in the garden the pleasant warm air of late morning. Really it was oatmeal for brunch today.

After breakfast, Patience looked across the table at me and said “I want to buy your house.” Seasoned readers of this journal will note that there have been many unresolved plates juggling in the air regarding the structural integrity of the economics, networks, and infrastructure supporting me to do this ongoing quadriplegic dance, and that this consideration arrived with some very practical implications and considerations.

We agreed to talk about it sometime later when space allowed and moved into the busyness of the day.

For me that was largely a focus on the emerging MettaCare Curriculum development project. The apparent 1.0 of our moving the implicit cultivated wisdom of the practice here (and by the Rivers Edge) out and into the world.

Thump thump, whispers my body.

Our household book club, currently reviewing the Tao of Pooh, begins in four minutes. I’ll come back to finish this writing…

The sun has gone down, quite thoroughly, as it seems has most of my spasticity, thump thump no longer.

The lady and the pup have headed out for the evening walk, LB tidying up the space as the cool night air rushes in the front door with the gurgling song of the two Buddhas waterfall outside.

Patience and I met this evening earlier for the first of the now ongoing weekly MettaCare organizational meeting. Today’s topic, funding and strategy. The outcome: leveraging the current movement to describe a curriculum by placing a flag in the sand for a mid-November workshop on the subject.

After three quarters of the year peering deep into the well spring of this construct, fall seems like a good time to harvest some nutrients from that looking. And just like that, to do lists for others than myself begin to gurgle forth from this deep source.

“What did you get from tonight’s reading?” Asked LB.

Reflecting, I thought – Benjamin Hoff is 74 years old now. Wrote the book in his mid-30s as the frenzy of high finance was reaching its tentacles down into the working class, scooping up innumerable educated minds and directing them into the ghoul economy.

In setting up a contrast to the Tao, this chapter wrote a pointed attack on the mind of academia and the supremacy of “knowledge” over the actual value of the earth.

“A nice history lesson and context, well borne out over these last 38 years.” I said.

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