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Kabir Kadre|1 year, 9 months ago

Full day, sun going down and I’m only just now starting to feel the ridiculous levels of specificity.

It’s been a full day. LB woke up in a hotel today, ground that is under him until the morning of the first. Now is a scramble of calling on networks, friends of friends, Internet research and more in efforts to find the closest thing to a support system that can meet this unique and precious young man.

The journey has taken much of my day today, and nearly all of the available brainpower.

It’s all a blur in time, I’ve had a few moments to check in with the brother in Montana to see how things are going on the ground there with dad, Linda, and sweet others. Step-by-step it seems.

I managed somewhere along the way to get caught up with some medical supplies orders and even that nice respite that comes with the weekly visit of the good Dr. K (a.k.a. Bubba.) 😉

In addition to the fields of influence around my health and well-being, we touched on the possible cancellation of Halloween in his neighborhood, no small deal for a community that generally attracts thousands of visitors each year.

The work of the day fortunately included for me a number of beautiful, deep, and sweet conversations with some of the most remarkable people in my Rolodex as their skills in human development, community networks, and resources for health and well-being were all top of list today.

One such friend put it poetically…

“These last many days are the Germanium in Bloom….may facets received, many offerings given, internal stem strong, with earthen roots sound…yet, winds are not softly blowing. They are gusty.”

Sleep has been slight, not quite bad, but only just enough to keep me on the functional side though still in the liminal territory between function and exhaustion. The dramatic need to care for a fallen brother looms large in my experience, as if a message for the skills and attentions we most likely all ought be developing for one another.

The presidential fight club of the evening (no link, intentional) backdrops this quite nicely along with the now two hour long outage of Apple’s flagship email and other central services.

Perhaps the luxury highlight of the day was the opportunity to take a few minutes out with Mike to dig into this tech piece about one of the central challenges of our global time.

An ironic paradox in a world where is the invisible that is both tearing us down, and also the opportunity for the true Phoenix of our time.

The light outside is fading on the horizon – some shade of color that makes me wonder whether or not we might be getting some new wisps of smoke blowing through.

Vanessa, bringing dinner to bear in the next room, time to wind this wild wind of a day down to the evening’s meditation and preparations, as they may be made, for the work to continue tomorrow.

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