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Kabir Kadre

The springtime of life.

Kabir kadre|2 years, 2 months ago

After all it turns out that a large dose of melatonin in combination with multiple doses of CBD oil can lead one to more sleep after all.

Falling asleep was relatively easy, though I did wake up just 5 1/2 hours later, I think in response to the ceiling fan timing out. Anxious and concerned that I was not going to fall back to sleep I shifted my mind into a gratitude practice, listing and recounting a variety of things for which I can be grateful.

My comfortable bed, my comfortable room, my comfortable home, the people that visit to care for me, the friends I have who love me, the awareness and capacity to practice mindfulness and meditation, the… And apparently that took me back to sleep.

I stirred briefly around 7 AM hearing Courtney coming in the door but dozed further in the familiar state of “melatonin lethargy” for another hour and change.

Cassandra and Caroline and Courtney and I met yesterday to discuss schedule modifications resulting from Britni’s departure. We surfaced an interesting and probably important tension that will need to be addressed in our work developing the MettaCare model; when pay is low, hours must be long and therefore number of partners restricted – this leads to inflexibility of the schedule and low-grade stress throughout.

Of course there are variables we can play with in the state of these agreements to source processes of greater abundance in terms of health, resilience, and other wealth measurements for all involved. Identifying these variables and understanding their movements and pressures is a part of what makes MettaCare of value.

Today was Courtney’s first morning care engagement with just the two of us. It caught us both a little off guard as she’s been with us for a month and has settled in quite nicely. An easy remedy, we just spoke our way through the process a little more carefully and things went well, lending us in the garden just a little before 10 AM for breakfast with the butterflies.

Later, over lunch, after spending the morning on matters of client billing and troubleshooting some issues with the subscriber function on my mailing list, we found ourselves in the garden again, reflecting on the agreements interview we had been listening to over breakfast and further discussing the MettaCare model and what it actually means to take it out into the world.

Specifically, creating processes and structures to uncover and clearinghouse the wisdom being developed about home care in hundreds of millions of houses around the world, creating training contexts to aid in developing the sophistication of those applications, and advice and dialogic processes to support collaboration and development of institutional processes of care as well.

This evening we put the finishing touches on the latest basic training video – how to move a quadriplegic to and from the vehicle (assuming adequate height, in this case SUV) and launched (in stealth mode) our YouTube channel.

“They” say that one of the things that sets the human species apart is the institutional capture of “Cultural/Social Memory.” With the video camera in everyone’s pocket now, there is a tremendous opportunity for the countless instances of home care to not only were effectively pass along the everyday developed wisdom in their own unique Field of Care, but also to distribute that wisdom into the wider intersection of Fields of Care. Of course this is already happening in little pockets everywhere, but a certain quality of coherence will and is going to be shifting the nature of these sparks of intelligence into a much more continuous collective learning in care.

I was grateful this morning to continue listening to the interview on Agreements with Jim Ritchie-Dunham as his work in identifying individual and cultural practices of abundance continues to be an important element in the evolution of my own thinking that will hopefully translate into the work at hand to offer.

The late afternoon counterpoint to this interview was reading the first in a series of articles by hedge fund investor, Ray Dalio on the macro aspects of our Changing World Order. I am continually reassured that bringing greater sophistication to our practices of care, for self, for one another, for the environment, for the wholeness of time, will play an essential role in nurturing the next springtime of life on this planet.


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