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Kabir kadre|2 years, 3 months ago

Today I had the privilege of attending a lecture/teaching given by Dr. Daniel Brown, Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, and Master Teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, on the subject of bringing those two areas of expertise to bear in nurturing our individual responses to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

There will be more of these sessions available and I encourage anyone to keep an eye out and to attend.

Topics covered included meeting the discomfort and fear of the situation, surviving the isolation qualities of “social distancing,” and mitigating the impacts of human separation.

In the process, I could connect my own sense of fear of “slipping through the cracks.” This visceral sensation of the threat of becoming one of societies countless “forgotten ones” has been subtly with me (and not so subtly so) with growing intensity over the last 6 to 8 months. I’m happy to report that the intensity of that has subsided substantially over the last six weeks or so as I have found my footing in a greater sense of empowerment and capacity to respond to my own acute situation. Of course not the least of this empowerment and capacity has had to do with my ability to both reach out for, and to receive support from my community!

In terms of the survival of isolation, we were led to explore the deeper sense of purpose in our lives, those threads that weave themselves into the fabric of our unique indigenous offering, perhaps even calling. In that territory I was glad to feel a roughly wholesale integrity with quite all the areas of my life. I do appreciate a sense of learning edge coming through in many of those facets – creative generative capacity, relational fluency, integrity of clear mind to name a few. Overall however, I feel a profound access to responding along a sense of vision with any energy that comes my way.

Perhaps the most profound impact I felt in the teaching today had to do with recognizing and honoring the importance of our human connections. As Dan led us through a guided visualization/meditation starting with our own deepest wholeness and well-being, and expanding out until we were appreciating our own sense of love and care for all of humanity, my heart softened – to me imperceptibly.

As we were invited to reflect and debrief on this as we had been the previous two subjects, I recounted the discovery along the journey of visualization that countless beings throughout time before me, as well as all of those others on the community video today, were holding me in the space of loving prayer, just as I was then and now holding others.

My heart had softened imperceptibly in the exercise, but when I spoke these words and met the reflection that Dan provided, I discovered yet another layer of that heart had broken open. Precious gentle tears flowed as I realized myself in the midst of a long, even metaphorically endless, river of love flowing from one being (or countless really) on to another and so on…

Just as the visualization was beginning for that third part of the session, I was inspired to call Caroline (you remember Caroline, our new care partner and friend) into the room and was grateful to find how touched she too had been by the journey.

As I sit now, reflecting on the tone of the day, I’m appreciating the clatter of dishes coming out of the dishwasher, reminiscent of the slightly labored process of waking this morning. A notice came through on one of my communication channels just as I was getting up to brush my teeth (yes, it’s true I even check my phone sometimes while brushing my teeth ;-), other somewhat unrelated friends were reading and reflecting on the article I linked yesterday from my friend Said.

After a little breakfast in the sun, adoring the hummingbirds bathing and playing in the stream, I bathed myself in the joy and privilege of sending thank you letters to the new supporters appearing in the morning updates to my campaign for support while simultaneously readying for the work of the day.

A quick text to Said said “let’s chat more about your article today! :-)”

“How about 10:30 AM” came the reply…

On my mind was “the fallacy of the best idea wins” premise of our modern culture’s fascination with the global marketplace of ideology…

10:30 AM arose and an anticipated 60 minutes of conversation turned into a warm bathwater of 90 minutes of friendship around the question, what is the global challenge and response opportunity brought on by this Corona Virus Pandemic.

So I’m just noticing the reflective quality of the day with both elements of agitation and a deep settling quality, elements of both personal inquiry and global opportunity as aspects of the creative possibility of this moment…

The technical challenges on either end of that spectrum are by no means assumed resolved, however I’m happy to report the evolution of my assertion yesterday, “I will not be overwhelmed by the world” has been today complemented by the softer question, yet with practical answers, “how can we more lovingly, more compassionately, and more fully, parent and allow ourselves to be parented by one another?”

I think that somewhere flowing through the center of each of these is that beginningless and endless timeless river of love that splashes forth as you, as me, as these words, as this wondering, as this prayer.

To alight for a moment in your consciousness is the realization of grace and honor. Thank you for reading…

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