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Kabir Kadre

The pizza last night…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 6 months ago

Body jittery, just now though, for the first time today.

Just back from reviewing a possible new property. Nova and I rushed out the door to catch it during daylight hours, Elisa was there already having done the initial appraisal for accessibility and suitability.

Nova and I were having very different days. She had been up since early, and having had to move her things in something of a disheveled hurry from the home she’s known for the last decade; an unfortunate artifact of the state of her separation.

Separated from daughter, from home, and from belongings, retrieving the latter but viscerally confirming the former has had some impact, as it would come on her nervous system.

We were traveling in style, a friend of hers had loaned her the Cadillac of minivans and while we were gatting about in luxury appointment, still there was an atmosphere of freneticism.

It could be that my body is feeling.

I woke late, heavy, from strange dreams, airplanes falling out of the sky, New Year’s Eve, settling into a new abode. Maybe the pizza I ate last night.

The possible new property is not quite as walkable as either of the previous two. The interior is small, but perhaps just right. Tile floors throughout, except carpet in the bedroom, which I’ve managed for most of my disabled career.

A pleasant and South facing sitting area in the front yard, with a small grassy area and lovely picket fence around. In the lowers of a slope, no broad vistas, most of the windows up high more for light than for view. Humble, perhaps just right.

Cassandra arrived with smiles today and we made my way up slowly, through the shower, and a recent podcast from Katie. By the time I made the desk, Elisa had been hard at work and I had a number of properties to review.…

[Much time elapsed…]

After taking a call from Elisa to reflect on our evenings property viewing, we looked at a few others online and I went had to complete the application to keep the energy moving tonight.

The day was otherwise uneventful. David stopped by, as has been his habit to keep company in the space with Ms. Cassandra when she is here “on-duty.” He busied himself making a large pot of stew both for those at his home with Elisa, as well as those traversing the space here.

Meanwhile Cassandra and I undertook a major overhaul of ALL of the home linens sorting those that would be rags, those for the Goodwill, and those to stay in service. In the balance I managed to catch up on my weekly virtual currency readings, a handful of readings, and do a little research on pricing for automobiles as the C & D may be considering new wheels.

The house was a bit of a flurry today with busyness in the kitchen, a project strewn across the living room, me with my tender ankle elevated for care, phone calls from friends, and Ms. Nova handling herself as well as might be expected under the weight of her internally tumultuous situation.

My foot is still healing, but provided little if any discomfort today. I ran cold and spent the day moving carefully from space heater to space heater throughout the house.

I neglected to mention in yesterday’s survey of unfortunate events that my space heater by the bed had died suddenly and prematurely yesterday morning. Fortunately the company appears to have a very good warranty process and a replacement should be underway shortly.

The back-and-forth with Ms. Molly continued today, continuing to reaffirm a sense of synergy and simpatico and I look forward to making her formal acquaintance tomorrow morning at eight.

Birthday greetings today went out to beautiful brother Daniel, a stalwart voice of love in my field since that lovely introduction now over 14 years past, on the banks of the Hood Canal, when shaking my hand, Dan said, “I used to do this transformational work with your father.”

The acting director of the accrediting body, LIOS, Dan had decided to take the GTC program, and our participation in the cohort just so happened to correspond. Both auspicious and fortunate for me.

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