Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

The other side of sleep…

|1 year, 10 months ago

The last of the daylight is fading into evening. Wisps of cloud caught brilliant, almost pastel flames against the luminous blue fading golden on the western horizon.

Shadows under bushes and trees grow dark and the hot hot air from the day begins to hint at something cooler, inching closer to the night. The air will not get cold this evening, unlikely to break below 70°.

The heat stirred me from my rest last night and the morning was subsequently slow. Providence at play I suppose as I was due for a catheter change and the agency nurse coming to provide the service doesn’t start her rounds until 9 AM. First on her schedule, still I was able to sleep in for an hour with time to spare.

Off to a later start, still settling a household in transition, what was left of the morning was filled with correspondence, scheduling meetings, and organizing payroll records and materials for both those coming and those going.

The middle of the day was a flurry of serendipity and engagement. My old friend Karilen and I had a call scheduled – an excuse to catch up as much as anything – she was going to share her insights around organizational development and what she might see through the lens of the MettaCare process.

Almost choreographed, just as I had completed bringing Karilen up to speed on the state of the project, Patience stopped by unexpected from lunch with her daughter who lives just up the way. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as I introduced these two old friends and the three of us together begin to tap into the wisdom of what might be.

Earlier in the day, LB had been tapping me for some advice on how to approach investing. Yesterday, Stephanie sought guidance on how to approach the car buying process. As Patience and Karilen and I were speaking, I began to see the importance of nurturing a full spectrum “Multi-Currency” well-being in the participants of a MettaCare Field of wellness.

Another slide in the slowly forming PowerPoint deck began to paint itself in my mind’s eye.

Our call ended, Patience – having only been meaning to stop by to drop off a wallet left in her purse from our outing the other day – politely excused herself, in the same moment, Faith stopped by unexpectedly to drop off a boogie board she and her daughter had borrowed to the beach a week ago.

In the same breath as these comings and goings, Stephanie arrived for her second day of acclamation and integration to the new context. I spent the next couple of hours working with she and LB in continued efforts to help ground this new community. Today that was mostly in the mechanics of things, getting a meal, getting calendars and time clocks and payroll sorted out.

I got a little more work done at the desk in the afternoon, though not much and sometime near 6 PM Stephanie made our way back onto the garden, the heat of the day having somewhat relented, to spend a little more time “getting to know ya’” and taking in a little air after being cooped up with the AC for most of the day.

A friendly neighborhood UPS man stopped by with our box of protein powder and a warm smile. He was sweet, and a little delirious from the temperatures in the brown van which today had been climbing easily over 100°. He seemed glad for the friendly engagement and waved cheerfully both on leaving, and a few minutes later as he returned up the hill from the cul-de-sac below, hopefully now in the home sprint towards a cold shower and some well-deserved rest.

Cassandra is here this evening to continue the ritual passing of the knowledge to Stephanie and the ladies are in the kitchen now blending up a smoothie for dinner.

It’s almost 8 PM, the shadows have swallowed the bushes and trees, leaving little but silhouette against the last of the golden sky fading into deep blues.

In the background, the whir of the hallway fan pushes fresh evening air up into the attic, driving the boiling heat out of the ceiling and into the night.

Bed soon, and shower, and sleep…

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