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Kabir Kadre

The missing haiku…

Kabir Kadre|2 years, 4 months ago

I had a haiku
earlier, but it has hid
for now, perhaps soon…

This Monday has been a BOSS!

Last night I took a Tranquinol (not unusual, as my usual evening night Is a big glass of warm water, one of those, and a little probiotic), and had the most restful night I’ve enjoyed in a long time. Eight solid hours later I woke feeling refreshed, ready to do a deep meditation, and stir into the morning with Eleña when she would arrive at 8 AM.

Just as I was waking I was finishing a dream. A large clerical/transactional/traveling/bureaucratic open floor plan space, filled with people and well organized information. There are friends and family there from different places in my life, sometimes recognizable, mostly not. There is information, though I am not sure which of it I need, nor certain what questions to ask.

I won’t continue with this dream description, as that is not the point of bringing it up. Rather it was the sense that I had on waking that it might be good to get a little better at distinguishing dream noise from dream insights and that it might be worthwhile to place some intention on developing those capacities. The inspiration for this, I know, was the recent article published by my friend Spring.

As I was waking and considering whether to consider the dream further, I opted to focus on my meditation for now. It wasn’t until later, when Eleña came through and asked me what I made of the dream, that I was reminded and returned to more deeply appreciate the invitation I had drawn from Spring’s offering. Food for thought.

Rising into the day, and in particular to the study, I got right to work chopping through the wood of morning correspondence, news articles and miscellaneous life business. I finally scheduled that repair to knock the dings out of the car’s front quarter panel, ID’d a tailor to repair the holes in my jeans, and caught that Super Bowl ad I’d heard was funny. I caught up to the handful of email threatening to languor in the inbox and shot off a quick text to congratulate my friend in the final stages of building his first deck on the back of his first house.

Ducks in a row, I turned my attention to the meat of the day – researching and scheduling appointments with a variety of Medi-Cal trust and estate planning attorneys, scheduling appointments with the Medicare Home Health providers – the Social Services lady would come in later in the morning, more on that in a moment – and staging together relevant intelligence to refine the journey forward. More on that as well a moment.

All of this went well, a quick call with Charles to guide my approach to the attorneys, later connecting with the estate planning attorney I had worked with over a decade ago to find a friendly voice and some very precise guidance on advocates local to me. I now have three solid appointments squared away to get proactive on the relevant estate planning going forward.

Next, Marianne came in to give us guidance on the Social Services aspect of things. This 45 minute meeting went very well, leaving us with a page of notes and very well defined Plan A, B, & C for possible housing and care scenarios moving forward.

There have been so many kind and loving eyes, hearts, and minds on this journey over the mountain pass from one moment of life into the next – it truly is unspeakable, the power that comes through the field of a loving community simply witnessing our journey. Of course there has been much more than simple witnessing, and many have helped and continue to help to carry this load.

By 2 PM today I had gained such a new footing, as though turning around the bend in the trail, a vast and new vista had opened up before me. I took a few moments and composed a message to those (37!) individuals most closely present to the journey. A simple informational update, but it felt good to see it there in black and white.

As you may have noticed, I have a love of words, and a love of communications so that was a very special moment after a morning of chopping wood and carrying water.

The afternoon then was for creativity. You may know that we have called our little effort of cultivating a better Care Field within which to work and live, for myself and those caregivers, and other lovers in this little community, both for ourselves and in hopes of contributing some value to our growing national and global concerns for care, both in the home and on the world stage. We have called this inquiry and exploration MettaCare and have situated it around the construct David lovingly coined, Omni-Directional Care Awareness (ODCA.)

This afternoon I delved through a volume (I dare not count the number) of email correspondence between Cassandra, David, Tyler, Mike, Dave, Dennis, Eric, myself, and others, collecting the various scraps of insight, heart, and other genius into a little heap which I then began to massage towards cohering a rarefied discretion which we can then collectively craft as invitation to create from this fertile field of vision.

More on that, of course, as the form continues to emerge…

It was a powerful and energizing day, filled with sweet moments of connection, correspondence, laughter and silliness. Eleña was a trusted companion on the journey through, capturing notes from the meeting, carrying wood and chopping water, cleaning my nails and shaving my face, and even managing to give me a little food and way too much coffee and chocolate (by request of course), all with a smile and a delightfully absurdist banter of good humor along the way.

Thank you to all those
kindest hearts who travel with
over mountains pass.


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