Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

The Empire Strikes Out

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

Writing from my desk today, against the clock. I can feel the discomfort beginning to creep into my body from wherever the mystery origin is lurking.

I’m up late in the day now, just back from an MRI appointment where Elaina and Brian graciously put me through the paces against the backdrop of the Venusian techno music that is the sound of an MRI machine.

It’s been a busy day, I got up in the morning after gentle self-care and lasted about an hour before discomfort pushed me back to the reclined position. While I was up the nurse visited from the agency for her regular checkup and I managed to spend a few minutes in the sun and the garden, enjoying birds bathing in the stream and butterflies and bees smelling the flowers.

After resting awhile, Dr. Mike rolled in the door to do a home visit and last-minute conference on our strategy of approach to discern what it is that keeps pushing me out of the chair. A new thought had crossed his mind, possibly a slipped disc or some other pinched nerve in the spine – tense while erect, but easy when prone.

Not long behind him Patience arrived (on a day off) with Impossible Burgers in tow for a friendly lunch. She was also here early having volunteered to run me on the MRI errond in the late afternoon.

Just as we were getting out the door, a new care partner, and my new roommate, LaBradford showed up to move in and train this evening with Miss Cassandra.

As I said, just back now and the body is quite convincing that retiring soon is in order. I’ll work a little more this evening from bed.

If I said nothing else in this post today, I would want most of all to say thank you to my sweet younger brother for passing along this short video from nearly 40 years ago. See if you can recognize the actor playing Han Solo. 😉

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