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Kabir Kadre

The day’s adventure…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

Bob Marley sounds drift from the speakers in the corner of the room behind me. I smiled to myself thinking, this hot muggy weather must be just the Jamaican thing he grew up enjoying, or enduring, I’m not sure which. Maybe both.

The morning news today announced roaming power blackouts, that was not our adventure today, so far. Ours was more exhilarating. The smell of gas, a hissing sound, sparks…

Yesterday during some garage reorganization, a power cable was jostled out of its secure connection to the water heater. This went unnoticed until last evening when I was naked, poised in the shower chair, room ready, and sitting underneath the spray head, waiting for warm water.

Cassandra was midstride demonstrating the shower process and technique to our new friend Stephanie who was eagerly jumping in and taking the lead wherever she could get it. Cassandra had extended herself to be with us last evening in her capacity as senior MettaCare trainer on-site, but was also nursing herself along, hot and tired after a day in the heat in Sorrento Valley.

Somehow the water was not cooperating. After sending the young ladies back-and-forth to the garage, they came back triumphant with the news that a power cord was clearly dislodged. Fortunately we had all managed to stay dry enough and a U-turn in the evening process was only disjointed and not disruptive.

LB was on duty to repair today and going back and forth with me for guidance via photographs on the process of re-securing the power cable. He came back into the house from the garage, wide-eyed. He had gone to unplug the power cord and had found the aforementioned sparks, and a hissing sound…

“Okay” I thought, things are getting interesting now…

“Please take me into the garage right away I said.” As we maneuvered into the tight corner to investigate I can smell distinctly the gas coming into the space. We confirmed the hissing sound and rolled directly back into the house to notify the proper authorities.

With the local power and gas company on the line we made our way back into the garage and began the search for gas shut off valves and the removal of any bare wires from wall outlets. A lovely cocktail, particularly considering the daytime temperature in the garage today was probably about 103°.

Rafael, our technician, was on his way. I invited Augusto to take off early and LB and I jumped into the car to put a little advised distance between us and the infrastructure disturbances.

All of this was far outside any previous experience for LB and he was visibly shaken, surprised and confused to even consider that we as laypeople might have anything to do with electrical circuits or gas lines. It was an explicit coaching moment.

Rafael arrived about 15 minutes later and made short work of replacing the broken gas line leading from the wall to the drying machine. LB got to witness the diagnosis and repair, bringing himself a little closer to the simple practicalities of these day-to-day affairs.

Now, hours past the disruption, still waiting to resolve our power cord issue to the water heater, we both learned a little more about electrical cabling and the simple repair ahead of us which will actually improve the situation with the water heater as it was never originally installed with the proper length power cable relative to the available outlets.

13 years later and things can still get a little better.

Meanwhile, surrounding the sweltering tango I somehow managed to catch up a little further on some my STAGES assessment client work and tilting back towards a sense of being on top of the flows of things.

Just after 6 PM and the temperature has dropped a bit outside. The house is open again, hopefully to cool off a bit.

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