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Kabir Kadre

Summer’s eve…

Kabir kadre|2 years, 2 months ago

As we all tend to recall things for the character of their closing statements, I think today will go down in memory as a particularly musical moment.

My dear uncle, in his retirement, has been translating the violin portion of Mozart’s sonatas for piano and violin to sheet music for the clarinet. We’ve been playing tag for a couple of weeks to get together over video and when I arrived today in the late afternoon by FaceTime to the home of my aunt and uncle in Palm Springs, I was greeted with a surprise serenade – surprisingly delicious and clear sounding as it came in over the Internet from my aunt’s telephone (actually pocket computer) to my home office.

It’s been a while since I simply sat and enjoyed a piece of music with my eyes closed, feeling the notes and melody moving my body from within. As I sat listening, still with my eyes closed, I noticed with a smile all the sounds of the clarinet had crept in and were now animating subtle movements in my face, arms, shoulders, and torso. Nice work Robert. 😉

As if to drive home the point of the musicality of the moment, another friend posted on social media a cultural mashup of a fellow in Milwaukee Wisconsin rapping the lyrics of Dr. Seuss books to the beats of 80s and 90s hip-hop star, Dr. Dre. These doctors together undoubtedly have found a cure to a lack of smile anywhere.

Last Wednesday the weekly meditation class that I regularly attend had to finish early after being Zoom Bombed by one or more individuals intent on wreaking havoc. Security is tighter this week. As it turns out, way tighter. After being admitted to the waiting room for about 10 minutes, I was unceremoniously removed from the call and unable to reattempt connection having been labeled by the system as a special kind of undesirable.

After going around on email with my friend who helps to host the call and attempting a number of times to simply reenter the digital conference space, it was determined that the issue was too difficult to resolve on-the-fly and that I and others apparently as well would have to make do with a recording available later in the week. The dance which took about 45 minutes and saw me running loops across the zoom application, mail, twitter, and conversation in the room ultimately ended up feeling more like a child’s game of entertainment by spinning in circles than the anticipated lecture and practice, but left me with a smile nonetheless.

Unfortunate that things were not more easily resolved on the technical side, though with all that is going on in the world this is certainly not the thing worth crying about.

Here in San Diego the day was cool and grey. The sun did flicker through a few minutes at a time, and it seems the forecast calls for just a short occlusion of clouds before returning to those familiar days on end of sunshine and darkness. Sunshine and darkness, incidentally a favorite breakfast recipe of black rice, blueberries, an egg over easy so the yoke can run down into the rice and just a few almonds crumbled over the top, bears this name as well.

This morning I had Courtney’s delicious Ayurvedic spiced egg scramble with sprouts for breakfast. Arguably quite as good as sunshine and darkness and I think the Vedic traditions might frown a little on mixing the blueberries with eggs – still yummy nonetheless. 😉

I’ve been enjoying today the bright yellow oriole perched in the tree just outside my window – I suspect proudly guarding a nest of young as I think I saw the Mrs. soaking up one of the brief moments of sunshine earlier. As the light fades just now he is there again, swaying in the evening breeze while the sounds of Cream groove in the background…

Today felt mildly productive and I’ve made it through the first wave of organizing the MettaCare project approach, the path, uncertain with each step, seems to be revealing itself as I go and I find myself moving into the mind map phase having gathered the various threads of data together in some semblance of organization. Courtney too seems to be enjoying a growing anticipation to approach the project as I’ve been sharing various tidbits of the thinking, history, and peripheral models with her over the last week.

Additional contributions also trickled in today to the crowdfunding initiative and the process of applying that support to the development of this MettaCare project and team was on the agenda and got some good movement in terms of systematization, recordkeeping and transparency today.

We’ve now raised over $37,000 from over 45 contributors, aiming for a goal of $60,000 to enable the launch of the clearly stated, well-organized, and actionable MettaCare injunction to be prototyped and expanded from the San Diego region.

The world has never been more ready, I would say, for a new and more creative dialogue on care than it is today. If you are reading these words, please consider stopping by the campaign to help us meet this goal!

Tomorrow marks the start of the ancient ceremonial time known as Beltane, a ritual time recognizing the beginning of summer. From the looks of things we will have clouds tomorrow, and then 1 May, sunshine, and a new day…

The music of this moment is Cassandra chopping vegetables in the kitchen with Tori Amos whispering over the speakers. A minor discomfort has been with me – the familiar autonomic dysreflexia of uncertain origin – for the last hour or so. I’ll begin the journey of retiring now, a little lighthearted entertainment, dinner, and then bed.

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