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Kabir Kadre

Strange times…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 6 months ago

“buy bitcoin” I said just 24 days ago. Anyone tracking the price three days later might’ve thought me a fool as the price tanked 12% down.

This morning I woke to see that nascent Internet technology breaking into new valuation highs, at the moment of this writing, up about 18% from that day not long ago when I playfully proclaimed.

You will undoubtedly hear a lot about the price of bitcoin in the coming year, and longer. To think the price is the point however, would be a mistake. There are some very fine narratives surrounding the financial prowess of this new technology, and some lovely irreverence as well. Cars didn’t make horses faster. The telegraph didn’t just empower communication, it changed the world.

Worth noting.

I expect the price might run from here up to $30,000, and maybe then come back down, even below this morning’s threshold. That will be temporary.

This incredible disruptive technology is going to meet enormous pushback from the existing structures it threatens to unseat, the road will be rocky for the foreseeable future and draconian reactions will be par for the course. But, like time and the force of water against the rock, there are certain inevitabilities to things… Innovation is like that.

Here I am six paragraphs in and it sounds like I mean to be writing an essay or something. Really no, that’s just one of the features of my day, noticing this action. I’ve had time on my hands today.

One of the care partners arrived this morning, strained and confused. It took me just a few minutes to hear the words “diarrhea and chills.” I quickly googled – pandemic symptoms, check. I sent my friend to get tested for what they, and we all hope is nothing more than stomach flu.

Well I wouldn’t be getting out of bed that way it seemed.

Of course now I had plenty to research and consider. They had only been here about 10 minutes, according to Dr. Mike the research suggests 15 minutes of exposure is necessary for transmission. There was a mask.

In search of testing we found the $175 price tag for same-day results a little out of budget. Should know more tomorrow, or the next day at the latest.

Another skilled partner recommended nebulized silver as a precaution. I worked from bed for the morning, grateful for the recent upgrade of screen size on my mobile device. Quite a fair amount I could get done, and perhaps best of all, it was easy to elevate my swollen ankle to the prescribed degree for a few hours.

Nova rose late, sleepless night for her, and collecting her morning cup of coffee noticed the quiet in the house. I could hear footsteps coming from the kitchen, down the hall, morning face peering around the corner of the door… “What are you doing!?” She asked.

I explained the situation to her. “We’re not going to have any of that around here!” She proclaimed. We pulled the nebulizer and the silver out of the closet, just in case. 5 mL of vapor later and it was time to start rising. Office by 1:15 PM.

Our care partner is now home, quarantined, waiting for test results in treating for the stomach flu. Wish us luck.

Vanessa was due in this afternoon, wisely instead opting to give it 24 hours before approaching the situation. Nova is happily standing in the long shift, just she and I for the next day. It’s really remarkable how profoundly we are each able to be here for one another just now in this little window of our lives.

I slept soundly again last night, waking again with effort this morning just before the 7 o’clock hour. Not sure what is at play, some mornings I wake easily, others through a dense fog. Melatonin and magnesium every evening to help with resting were once considered suspect this density, but I’m no longer so sure…

Today seemed characterized by strange bursts of movement, bitcoin (I once had a fair amount ;-), Covid whispers in the house, paperwork from the attorney to move assets for the trust, and then shortly through the day, an email from a friend – an offer of some exciting contract work, preparing a final report for a large-scale project, and doing so through the medium of visual storytelling, that could mean some solid employment into February.

In the spacious and strange afternoon, I made my way to a coursework I’ve had pending the free time to attend, a luxury exploration into graphic design, one of my long time aesthetic passions. The serendipity with the report project felt like a bit of fairy dust blowing through the air. Certainly better that than the alternative these days. 😉

The day has been short, nearing now the 7 o’clock hour, more on the plate for tomorrow. I’m hopeful to attend a workshop on podcasting in the morning, and then later the first meeting for the design project to carry forward.

December is half past. The daughter’s birthday in just a few days, sooner for her, depending on where you stand on the globe. The new year is nearly upon us, one administration threatening to leave, another advancing to arrive, digital tech making market highs, pandemic deaths as well, the great emotional upheaval that is the Western holiday season and end of the calendar year… We certainly are somewhere, where to from here, we shall see.

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