Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Spring with green flowers…

|1 year, 3 months ago

White and green carnations adorn the dining room table; a gift from Vu on her first visit in some time.

The playful St. Patty’s day flowers convey an at once delicate, warming, and comedic element to the space.

The living room is empty (spacious) save for the commanding presence of the Quan Yin statue in the place formerly reserved for the couch, and the wide circular rug, now home to various yoga bolsters and cushions and a small host of throw pillows. All very Zen and rather quite appealing.

I had the pleasure this afternoon of meeting the gentleman over zoom who will be with his family purchasing the home at Mill Peak. Formally our conversation was to address some investigative inquiry into the history of repairs and various natures of the property, but I was delighted most of all by the affect of a cheerfulness and curiosity more often found between friends.

As the sunsets begin to mark the springtime horizon, with change, new growth, and new adventures scent on the wind, I find a loving embrace of nostalgia to know that this home that has been host to so much goodness in our lives, now passes along into the care of a new family of lovers.

It’s a busy week that has begun and already the unexpected asserts itself before the planned.

Yesterday I was far more tired through the day – an artifact I think of the UTI and subsequent medication – than I had expected.

Today began around 1 AM with a certain certain wakefulness that would not be dissuaded by force of will. Instead I continued listening to the audiobook journey of the life of Milarepa. It was late morning I am sure before, aided by a brief meditation, sleep was finally able to overtake me.

I woke abruptly to the sound of Vanessa coming through the door, just back from her weekends adventure with some wild choose your own adventure museum of the strange and wonderful in Las Vegas.

I had to linger in bed a little longer to be sure I was really awake and not about to fall back to some much-needed rest. I could feel the daylight ticking by and stirred.

The midday was occupied by a long overdue hair appointment with my friend of some decades now, Lisa. While we share some common circles, we mostly just see one another in that context, but the friendship is true and warm nonetheless.

Lisa appeared clad as a work of art as she always is, nothing fancy – just exactly the right bluejeans, slightly styled, with a perfect contrast to an orange and black top picked off the sale rack from some French place.

We spent an hour drinking tea, talking life, family, finance and economics… The various cash infusions of the US government over the past year has made material impact for each of us in our own ways, leaving us in a way better off, though I could not help but to hear the whirr of the money printer in the back of my mind.

“Crypto currency,” I said to her as I do to nearly every loved one that comes before me these days. It is my strong conviction that we are in for some difficult times ahead – the grand collective we that is.

By difficulty of course I mean evolutionary. There will undoubtedly be great pain, but also great beauty, great peril, and enormous possibility. The emergency of the crypto currency asset class will drive even greater sums of wealth to the already wealthy, yet in its neutral and generally decentralized way, there is opportunity as well for those not so poor they can’t scrounge together a few extra bucks.

What we do with that future wealth is really the question at hand.

But I digress. Again.

We enjoyed laughter, depth, surface, simple, and sophistication and moved eventually into the Spartan living room to take advantage of the big mirror in chopping back the mop that had formed atop my crown since our last encounter.

Now the evening quiet, David and Freddie singing in the background, Terra resting off the effects of her second dose of the vaccine, and me bringing this little missive to a close before dinner, a little humor, and sweet sweet sleep Inshallah.

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