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Spring Sunday and things to learn…

Kabir kadre|2 years, 2 months ago

An easy piano tune jingles along in the background, accompanying the wind chimes just outside the window swaying in the evening breeze. The day has been cold and grey with some texture to the sky, cool enough to leave moisture from the morning’s light dusting of rain.

Half rested, a little delirious, but cheerful and somehow somewhat sober, Caroline arrived this morning to help me start the day, taking a short break from collecting goats. Two of the goat mothers have given birth and one awaits, perhaps to drop this evening. It’s been an often all-night ordeal for a few days now for her, and at least one more to come – then there will be the likely bottlefeeding for a few evenings to follow. Courtney gladly agreed to step in for her and help me here tomorrow evening to provide a little further continuity on the farm.

Our fledgling care field seems to be growing just fine as well.

We did notice some concern this morning – it’s always a challenge to train new partners to observe for skin breakdown. In a paralyzed body, pressure can develop in the dermal and tissue layers beneath simply by the weight of the skeleton and the rest of the body, this presses blood out of the tissue and when not relieved, can cause tissue death. This can create wounds (bedsores, a.k.a. pressure ulcers) that can be very hard to heal as well as susceptible to dangerous infection.

Generally speaking my care has been exceptional which provides, fortunately, very little opportunity to introduce new care partners to the appearance, degradation, treatment, and subsequent healing of skin breakdown. With the bulk of my care now being provided by new partners only just developing familiarity with my body, context, and dynamics, it’s not surprising that this morning we discovered some “not too early” issues with pressure areas forming.

Caroline and I dove in to the initial stages of the treatment process which included me lying on my side in order to completely relieve pressure from the areas for roughly an hour of the day. By the time we were through this introductory ordeal, we had identified the source of the issue – the inflatable seat cushion on my wheelchair needs also to be tended time to time to maintain its suppleness and support. This morning we found a substantial absence of support and supplements that had me sitting all the way flat on the hard platform of the seat.

After treating for a time and re-inflating the seat cushion, we were moving on into the day, though not without some time spent in a somewhat anxious reflection on my part, whether it was best to rise and risk further damage, or remain in bed, prone, and spend away a precious day. In the end, optimism prevailed and we will see this evening and tomorrow morning how, in the face of that, we have fared.

If you’re reading this, feel free to send prayers through time and space. 🙂

I did manage to sleep through the night, the last night was not without incident in that I took much longer – about two hours – to actually fall asleep in the first place. I’ve been tracking through the night with my new finger worn oxygen saturation and heart rate monitor those processes and it has been interesting to note both the differences in my resting and wakeful states, as well as a clear correlation of some substantial drops and saturation levels paralleled by increasing heart rate. I’m of course in dialogue with Mike around this and will be curious to follow this inquiry through.

After our morning’s adventure, I did make it into the flow of worldly engagement by about 10:30 AM, not too much of the day spent on caring for the basic foundations of body and system maintenance.

While I had been nudging a few important activities onto the calendar for the day, in the end the ritual events of Weekly Review, Reading the weeks accumulated articles, and tending to Correspondence proved to be more than enough to fill the remainder of the time.

I’ve been watching the hummingbird nest today and it seems as though there is some dearth of activity, could just be my looking, but does leave me a little curious about the state and process of the new family… Baby goats, baby birds, spring is definitely upon us.




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