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Kabir Kadre

Solstice anticipation…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 6 months ago

The shadows today, illuminated by crisp blue and warm air above, were long. I may not have noticed them yesterday, and I’m sure if I had, they must’ve been much as these, but today they stood out, long and dark in the early afternoon, reflecting the near solstice sun.

I was privileged to spend a little time with an alumni community from around the world by video this evening. Some of the deeper souls it is my privilege to know, and the poetry of life coming through each of them, even a few by their silence, fed the flame of grace in my heart.

The image of the long shadows here, contrasted with the mid-summer sun of my southern family, somewhere enjoying Lahaina noon.

Our conversation was opened with a walk from the lakeside to the glaciers, witnessing the flow of time as ancient ice pours itself into the rivers. Honoring the passing of time, and the acute personal solitude experienced by so many, one of our participants offered her tears. They landed for me like those glacial flows, revealing the coursing flow of tears, a river in every moment of time, pouring back into the ocean of becoming.

You might say that a couple of my “soaps” are the subjects of Elon Musk and bitcoin. Speaking of contrast, the end of the day, with its gold and deep blue pairing themselves on the horizon and the zenith, such depth with a community of heart, I spent the morning with my soaps.

Just in passing I happened on the drama unfolding on Twitter, the intersection of those two subjects. Truth be told, a friend I haven’t seen or in fact heard from in as much as a year or more, one that I reached out to just recently, responded this morning, and in his reply mentioned the particular tweet thread in question, but I hadn’t pulled on the sweater just then.

Of course then I closed the evening by stumbling on the mainstream headline for the story. I am duty-bound to report that their first paragraph should be considered misleading at the very least. In keeping, I assume, with this year’s theme of “fake news.”

It feels good to rekindle friendship as the cycle marked by this solstice is upon us.

Saturn, with its archetypical connotation of the rule of law and structured discipline moves into the spacious awareness of visionary Aquarius, accompanied by Jupiter, the great yoke of expansion… I feel like I’m on some strange kilter of the seasons as the feeling arising in me is that of leaves falling in autumn.

Maybe it’s the fact that temperatures today and tomorrow are nearly 80° here, and yet winter so definite…

The falling leaves are represented for me in the countless expressions of shift and change and transformation for those in my immediate sphere, as well as that echoed by those in the alumni conversation this evening.

Thresholds echo about. The idea of echo even seems to be echoing through my mind and writing for some recent days now. A narrow hallway, footsteps resonating crisply in the ears of my soul.

Breakfast was late, in the sun with Molly, smoothies and conversation. We started the day sharing a meditation together. She’s been doing guided meditations and jumped at the chance to do something silent. I offered a simple structure of a concentration meditation and we sat in silence for 20 minutes.

Nova had been first to pop in and say hello this morning, and we were still sitting and chatting when Molly arrived. “Let’s hide!” Nova exclaimed gleefully. I smiled. “Let’s hide!” She said again, the sincerity of her playfulness becoming even more material.

She jumped off the bed where she had been sitting next to me and grabbed a blanket out of the closet, bouncing back onto the bed and throwing it over our heads, just moments before Molly’s soft footsteps made their way down the hall.

An almost stunned silence was perfect as she entered the room, before whispers under the blanket… “Shhh, she will hear us!”

“Quiet!” Came the reply…

Outside the darkness of the blanket, laughter erupted, we continued the pantomime a moment longer, and came out of the blanket to find her beaming, “you guys just made my week!” She chuckled out loud.

Nova’s daughter Darla was here for a visit with her mom this morning, they busied themselves with crafts and games. The energy of their play and warmth permeated the house.

After our morning conversation, Molly and I set about undertaking the fountain repair, and doing the weekly review respectively. There is much in Molly I find familiar to myself which makes for a very generous experience on my part of being able to rely on her to act in ways that make sense to me, and handle things much the way I would myself.

Today was Molly’s first solo day but thanks to her clear mind and conscientious intent, it felt easy as though she had done it 100 times. The sense of productivity permeated the atmosphere, which somehow also managed to maintain an air of spacious relaxation.

The morning brings the solstice, with luck and perhaps a little intention, some small ritual to honor the threshold.

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