Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Shifting frames…

|1 year, 3 months ago

I noticed a sensation in my awareness as the daylight dims, the projects settling, coming to rest for tomorrow, I gesture towards the page to fulfill… To fulfill what?

Once these words represented a fierce discipline, a daily commitment to creativity, to some form of generosity, to offering, to a real and material community of friendly hearts who would receive these musings…

Today, what? Sensation in my awareness, puzzling, not perplexing, more just a tickle rising up from my heart. I write today because I do not podcast. I have run with that medium a moment, but it feels demanding, not in the negative sense, but it calls to me for a more careful structure of offering.

The written word feels free, a place to wander like the trickle becoming brook, finding its way down the mountain. Spoken recording, an audio, somehow more fragile, more delicate structure that must be built just so, or it shatters into a heap of meaningless bits.

The sensation was somewhat joyful, as if this, flowing with ease holds the sacred place in the boundless mandala for that. That which is real today, though not yet expressed, finds its whisper through this which is expressed, empty of the real…

A musefull moment, this quiet Sunday evening. I was abed yesterday for a dearth in care partners to uphold my activities; today I return, a tide of engagement, ebbing and flowing in the world. This day holding space for the work that is to come; harkening back to the leisure of reading, to the warmth of simple correspondence with others.

Molly was in this morning, outside of her usual haunts of support windows, just long enough to grant me a spacious rising with all the fixings: body, breakfast, coffee, morning radio, and leisure. She was in good form, buoyed by her recent successes in practicing better health as self-love.

She had shared with me late yesterday a breakthrough in her regular writing discipline, to the other side of publishing where she is picking up steam already.

These people that come into my life through the gateway of care are family to me. Of course so too are you and countless others, but there is also the stickler of relative familiarity which gives some quality of privilege when I can read or see these more personal insights offered.

Tomorrow begins a busy week – finding new care partners is critical, we have one interview scheduled for tomorrow; tax time is upon us and I am taking the leap towards becoming proficient in the world through that lens; many avenues of sacred work have arrived to the fore and it is my good grace and good fortune to be responsible to meet and tend each one…

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