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Kabir Kadre

Settling into the next wave…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

Settling in to the next wave…

Operating system upgrade completed successfully, I hope. Old voice software still seems potentially functional, perhaps even a little better than before. May keep using that – will keep using that, as long as it works, hopefully the Apple voice support will continue to get better in the meantime.

Email database seems to be taking a while to import, not surprising really given well over a decade of messages. I suppose some people delete, others leave everything in the inbox, I like the key commands for saving everything away just so.

A few hours later… Still piecing the software back together after the upgrade, hopping between tasks and meals and phone calls.

Katie rang in from stormy Florida to do a little prep work for the upcoming Sunday Zoom Kabir/MettaCare AMA (ask me anything.) That conversation left us both giddy and grinning, for many reasons, but not least of which is the fact that Katie is a consummate interviewer and we are excited for the dialogue and artifacts that will be the likely outcome.

August and I have run the coffee decantation drill and are headed outside for an afternoon cup.

Many more hours elapsed… The upgraded computer system seems to be functioning well enough, the new care friend from the agency, a thoughtful and skilled gentleman has made for good company and good conversation, flyer updated for posting care job at physical locations completed and off the printer, great advances made in planning the recorded interview/AMA for Sunday.

It’s been quite the ad hoc day, the nurse visited briefly to check the vitals, SOP, and Eliana and friend stopped by unannounced to tidy a little further the front landscape.

Really the coherent thread of the day has been dancing with the miscellaneous updates for the computer system and fitting the work in where it can.

I did manage to get a little excited about a new political campaign idea that Katie introduced me to, #Unity2020 that proposes to offer a little balance into our national process. There have been efforts like this – though not quite like this – before, eventually something will have to work. Maybe this.

Next task is to figure out how to get this entry moved out of the Journal and onto the blog… Wish me luck, of course if you’re reading this, it may be too late. 🙂

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