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Kabir kadre|2 years, 1 month ago

After finishing the day yesterday in dialogue with some of the members of the Visionary Sessions community on the subject of structure and intuition, a conversation that went deep to the points of profound insights and even tears, this morning’s conversation of “which animal has the strongest bite?” had a flavor of almost perfect counterpoint as Caitlin and I moved from the initial question down through which of the following, hyena, gorilla, hippopotamus, crocodile would you rather be trapped in a room with?

Of course that led us to phone a friend as Greg, having grown up in the wilds of Africa was our go to person to assess the final distinctions of hyena ferocity and chances of the silverback gorilla opting for friendliness.

Punchline: being trapped in our hypothetical room with a hyena would smell the ABSOLUTE worst.

That seems to of been a playful way to start Saturday, and it has been the longest stretch without chatting with Greg in the last decade. Greg came on as a caregiver with me in 2010 and left on March 1 this year to go full-time into his clinical psychology internships on his way to PhD. This morning we caught him hitting the books with just enough bandwidth to pull away for 10 minutes and left of us of the possibility of Caitlin escaping the crocodile by clinging to its back.

The freeways seem to be a bit busy again. I’m more aware today of the “end of the week” than I have been in some while. This pandemic has disrupted so many things that appear useful to disrupt; massive reductions in direct pollution globally have had a real effect on my psyche and I have a sense of regret that we might lose those, albeit accidental, gains. Meanwhile we are exposed to the absurdity of our economic system as enormous numbers of people here in the US have lost jobs, income, and businesses while the stock market, apparently invested in something other than people, seems to be faring all right.

Today I’ll keep after MettaCare, saying yes to the possibility of being of service.

Caitlin is making pancakes. The mind goes quiet, reflecting the quiet of the house.

Few words to say, I might try writing twice a day.

A silver mylar balloon drifts skyward in the distance. The grey ocean haze meets blue sky with the higher altitude white clouds. Breeze rings the chimes while sunlight ekes its way through the morning mists, shining not quite brightly on the ground.

Maybe I’ll read a little more on UFOs today…

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