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Kabir Kadre

Saturday surprise…

Kabir kadre|2 years, 2 months ago

The frying pan sizzles in the kitchen, helicopters drift by outside – or perhaps they are circling around, Led Zeppelin picking and strumming guitar in the background, the sound of Heartbreaker echoing through the house.

There is a freshness to the evening breeze blowing through the house, welcome after the day reached into the lower 90s.

It’s been a diverse day after a partially restful night and late morning spent still nurturing skin breakdown back to health.

I completed an art piece just as Courtney was arriving in the afternoon – “giclée” she advised upon seeing it. Don’t know why I had never considered that, we’ll have to look into it…

The morning (midday really) I spent focused again on the MettaCare project, continuing to develop the process and content that I will approach to refine the intended artifact – a clear and actionable description of material value to the San Diego region to implement new intelligences, crowdsourced wisdom, and practices into the booming arena of home care.

Although in the earliest days of my injury I opted for the optimistic view (as it turns out I always do), anticipating a full recovery and in no way identifying with myself as “patient,” or “healthcare focused,” again and again my attention has been reoriented to that field. Indeed, with 150,000 frontline hours, I probably have something to offer there.

The rest of the day was divided between some small time in the garden with mango and coffee, basic accounting and payroll, and a couple of deeper conversations with Courtney and Kelly.

Overall, it felt like a Saturday, or perhaps better said, a weekend. Not so much got done, there were more social elements, and the window of “work” could easily be described as light. Near the end of our conversation, Kelly asked if I would like an “energetic upgrade.”

“Yes please!” I smiled. Of course these things always come with a sort of magical quality and real response, just for acknowledging and accepting them.

20 minutes later, an email came through. Britni who has been with us just a month and seemed very happy to announce that she had found another job too good to pass up and was henceforth giving notice that she would no longer be participating here as of today. This effectively gave about 36 hours notice in which to plan new arrangements for next week.

Certainly that could have been ugly, were it not for Courtney standing by me looking over my shoulder at the email in disbelief, and shrugging her shoulders to say “I could use the hours.” 🙂

Our current conventional thinking suggests that we will in fact need to reorganize the schedule and find a new fifth – obviously these days, someone with a low contagion risk – but our first step will be to plan and schedule a dialogue with our current mandala of care to see what the wisdom of the group has to say about our best response.

After a few minutes sorting out the anticipatory schedule, I was ready simply to return to these words, happy in the sense that I had something interesting to share, and ready to start winding down the day.

So without further ado, thank you for reading and tune in tomorrow on this channel for more Hot Topics…


With the shift in Care Field and the next steps in place for developing the MettaCare project, it’s as good a time as any to refresh the invitation to sustain this little initiative – please go to Help Hope Live to support my Care needs to make this happen.

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