Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Saturday morning

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

Late morning Saturday. I feel as though the day should “feel” like something. Glancing out the window at the clear blue summer sky, I find myself noticing the question… “Does it feel like noon on an August summer day?”

I seem to recall that summer most certainly “felt” a certain way through my body as a child. What is the feeling of a day?

Groceries have arrived. The recent system overhaul and recapitulation has me closer again to territories that have been more systemically managed in the past. The contents and organization of the refrigerator for example.

Breakfast in the garden was brief, simple Filipino breakfast of rice and eggs and then a quick call to Elisa to catch up on the state of the world from her perspective. Mostly local concerns today, gardening, a late run into increasing heat and a Saturday to do list burning on the desk.

I woke this morning thinking of our friends in Lebanon, wondering how they are faring in the aftermath of the devastating explosion. Turning on the news, the first story was that of marches in the streets of Beirut demanding an end to the government corruption seen at fault for both the explosion and grift in the aftermath.

Patience has been sending landscape photos from her journeys in Wyoming. Pine forests, mountainsides, sunsets and waterfalls, this is the nature I grew up loving in the woods and wilderness of the Pacific and Mountain West. The images sooth something in my soul, some “feeling” of well-being.

My body was stiff and spastic as I made my way through early morning dreams, more strange scenes and absurd content. Today I will focus on hydration and care to recover from the minor trauma of audio overexposure from yesterday’s extended MRI. Apparently my crooked spine – scoliosis compounded by paralysis – played a substantial role in slowing down the cameras as they had to reposition every so often in order to follow the cord accurately, adding an additional 30 to 45 minutes to the experience.

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