Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Rising to the call

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 9 months ago

The air is filled with darkness and the sound of traffic. Moisture permeates throughout coming and going by the open windows and doors.

Not quite warm enough for air conditioning, the air was hot and heavy throughout the day, no pleasant breeze coming through the house. Patience spritzed me from the little blue bottle I keep in a pocket on my backpack on the back of my chair, purified water and essential oil instead of sweat.

That’s part of my spinal cord injury condition – no natural temperature regulation, no sweat in response to heat from within or without. The mist evaporated leaving me momentarily cool.

A busy day, starting with LB sleeping in for his first morning of agreed on meditation as a group. That caused a bit of a kerfuffle as it might. Both Patience and I could’ve used the extra sleep as well and took our separate opportunities for short nap later in the morning before beginning the day.

The nap didn’t seem to do much for me, at least I didn’t sleep.

The day started late, I had felt concern for my well-being in the early a.m. As I felt each successive morning lately getting harder and harder to rise. It felt right to linger a bit, sleep would’ve been nicer.

My new friend Claudia, who has been helping to keep Patience’s house clean for over a decade arrived near noon to begin her whirlwind throughout the space. It was a busy day in that way, Uma periodically chasing the vacuum cleaner, constant movement of cleaning, Patience busy in the kitchen, eventually LaBradford surfaced, and Cassandra stopped in to help with his domestic training.

I spent the day working on the developing MettaCare curriculum and upcoming workshop. Eventually I found my way to the Metta Sutta as I wanted to get a deeper and more crystallized understanding of the term we have drawn to our namesake.

I found many translations and started picking and choosing between them to bring together a telling that would most resonate for me in the context of our work here.

By 6 PM the house was a flurry, groceries coming and going, oven, stove top, kitchen sink, all in service, Claudia moving like wind through the halls.

Eventually we all came to rest together around the table, dinner and study group, even then the coming and going. Cassandra having stayed later than anticipated left with a hug and a smile, and Claudia, bringing her day’s efforts to close accepted a bowl of dinner and joined us for the reading.

The day has gone so much later than I had hoped, but such is the way of these things on days like this. I am becoming aware again of the narrowing funds and need to surge creatively if I am to overcome that entropy yet again. The path is not clear, but my resolve feels so.

There is good work to be done and tired or otherwise, I am up to the call. 🙂

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