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Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

First full day of the new phase… Filled with clerical efforts. Document wrangling for social services applications, getting the house a little further organized and clearing the correspondence backlog. Oh yes, care, of course, care. As it stands, we are well covered, at least reasonably so with a little help from Elisa through tomorrow.

To be fair, the week looks rather promising for care stability, with only a few minor gaps.

With luck, leading into next gets even better.

I reached out to Eugenia to keep the energy brisk with the home for sale process, still waiting for some bids to make the back deck livable.

I caught up with Ahlea, on Coronado, unfortunately with this twisted ankle, all of us bumping through these days to one degree or another. The garage reorganization to make room for moms art projects at their home in Southpark will have to wait.

On the good news front, both Stephanie and myself have received the all clear from our recent Covid tests. A matter of course for me, however she is still left with the bodily discomfort and symptoms of exhaustion that caught her attention in the first place.

The nurse from the home health agency who will be by in the morning to recertify me for service has agreed to do the technical bits of getting me going in the morning, and Elisa will be bringing breakfast later so Stephanie can rest another day.

The middle of the day was broken nicely by a visit from Dr. K, well-timed on many accounts – the osteopathic adjustment lends itself to some peace and aids in the reset process well underway here. Additionally he was able to give verbal orders to the home health agency facilitating that process, and fill out the form for the in-home support services that will be crucial for the endeavor of the next couple of years most likely.

All the while I bemusedly tracked out of the corner of my eye the price action on the bitcoin chart, now more valued than any day since the end of the 2017 massive bull market. Those in the crypto sector are getting ready for some noise, some are even keeping a level head about the whole thing.

The day started with a bang, waking at 5 AM trepidatiously checking the clock hoping not to find something akin to the 1 o’clock hour. That was a relief, however something had precipitated a substantial congestion and I spent the next 45 minutes coughing and spluttering with a weak diaphragm in efforts to clear fluids from where they had come to rest in the night.

I’ve been through this before, it often feels quite serious until it doesn’t. Today was like this.

After that, Vanessa was running a little behind, pulling back to back shifts last night and this morning which gave me a little time to clear some emails and to do items on the phone.

The rising process was a very different pace from that of the hospital. It was almost luxurious to be treated to the standard 20 minutes of range of motion (in the institution, one is lucky to get five minutes, more often none at all.) The bowel program, such a big deal over the last three weeks was back to its simple, practical, matter-of-fact.

While I arrived at the hospital with some tender parts on the backside, they didn’t worsen while I was there, in fact getting a little better. Today I was back to the long morning stints of lying on my side for generous and careful treatment.

Today Vanessa and I listened to Katie interviewing Joe on the path forward for a well earth, a reflective atmosphere for a quiet and still morning, plate in contrast to the bustling resort feel of my recent digs. Okay, resort is probably a bit generous, although the whole affair did have some quality of rest fullness to it.

Somewhere in the midst of the day, about lunchtime I guess it must’ve been, Vanessa and I made our way outside into the sun. Outdoors is precious. The warm air in the winter sun wrapped like a blanket around my shoulders and danced like the ocean on my face, eyes closed, tilted skyward.

This was the first opportunity I had to take in and appreciate the lovely garden gate that Mike and Patience have left behind, as well as to drink in the winter garden. A minivacation, it felt… And then back to work.

Elisa has spotted a promising apartment and a few notes went back and forth today on that front. Ahlea had found another potential caregiver, so interviews were made. RoseAngel seemed a lovely lady indeed, unfortunately at 5 foot three, her stature was not quite up to the physical requirements of the job. I promised I would inquire around as she seems eminently qualified and interested in working one-on-one with people in their homes.

The other bit from the garden was the giant box of dog food that arrived just a little late for Uma, now settling comfortably into her new home in Virginia. The company has been called, the box has lingered now for over two weeks, time to find a hungry dog to feed. 🙂

Cassandra has arrived for the evening program, David surprised her just a few minutes behind and the two have gone to meditate for a few moments, she having just come from a long day of work already. Razor (Rayanna) has been here settling in and helping out since 3 PM. Vanessa lingered a little long as her husband Dan was coming via Palm Springs to pick her up this afternoon. This was serendipitous both to offer a little more training to Rayanna, and also as I got to meet Dan in person for the first time, just in the midst of my osteopathic adjustment. 🙂

Time to wind the evening in the home or direction, dinner and company for a bit, and then the first proper shower I’ve had in far too long.

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