Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Quiet time…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

Another long good day, and if I’m being honest, I almost forgot to write today. Just before 7 PM the sun is dropping in the clear sky with just a small family of fluffy clouds marching across the vast blue field.

My body is stiff and spastic, discomfort has been with me at a low grade throughout the varied events of the day. Not strong enough to distract, but now I the end of the day, I’m like the horse headed for the barn. Sights set on dinner, then bed.

Patience and her friend Mike are putting the finishing touches on painting her room before moving in the big stuff tomorrow. A row of crystals decorates the windowsill in a variety of earth tones, blues, and purples and clear.

LB has been shuffling through the process of finding classes through the morning and taking inventory of the garden hose situation in the afternoon. Stephanie and I made our way through the midday and morning – she having overextended herself a bit limped along a bit, first resisting and finally succumbing to a cup of coffee in the early afternoon.

We started the day with a 9:30 AM appointment with a lovely physical therapist who had just moved from New York months before the pandemic struck. She and her husband are settled here and he seems to be enjoying some early success in his personal training business despite the cascading chaos all around.

She was taken with the vision of MettaCare and intrigued to learn more about our other connected projects, Precision Healthcare Ecosystem and project Apollo, as well as local Feldenkrais resources. She seemed bright and awake in disposition, an enthusiastic expression of life and left the taste of lively spice in the morning as she went.

Most of the day for me was spent on the MettaCare project proper, using PowerPoint to give an overview and structure to the workflow, and the drawing program to start sketch further some of the ideas that Dave was introducing me to yesterday. He and I went back and forth over PowerPoint and diagram in the afternoon seeking to flush out a clearer telling of the holistic necessity at hand.

It’s evening now, time to quiet…

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