Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Quiet day

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 8 months ago

Quiet house. Just me and the dog and the sunset and the wind chimes in the evening breeze. Just enough funk to the air to add a little color to the otherwise clear night sky. The brilliant rays coming in the window, too blinding to look at.

Still recovering from LB’s departure, shortstaffed for the moment. Patience will be in from seeing clients shortly for dinner and turning us both in a little early.

More physical discomfort today, could be the bruise forming on my back from the new backrest. Will likely be the weekend before we have a technician on hand to make those adjustments.

Another 3:30 AM morning again. Another dream, this time – the mathematics of mind, looking for an abstract mathematician to review some equations. A crowded and busy reunion at Sussex school, an apropos context for such an inquiry. Qualities of separation and solitude, but peace and meditation as well.

I woke up refreshed enough to do about 90 minutes of practice before resting again briefly prior to the household practice time of 7 AM.

New moon today and Elisa’s birthday, so that’s all auspicious. Once up, I was caught with disconcerting dysreflexia almost immediately. Out into the morning sun while on a call with David to cut the edge… Not quite the complete solution, returned to bed to lie prone for a time. Breakfast omelette in bed before rising again.

My friend Kari, also suffering her own versions of distressing bodily discomforts this morning asked to postpone our 10 o’clock to 11 which we did, well-timed for my return from the morning rest.

She’s helping me refine my pathways to professional service offering, resume building and the like, today was brainstorming resources, obstacles, purpose and direction, not necessarily in that order. We were a pair, both of us limping along, whimpering between laughter and work, it felt good and we both left in better spirits than we started.

At that point I turned my attention to building a rather unconventional application for a fairly unconventional job offering. It took me about three hours, but I got it off – quite the radical sensation of accomplishment, both having not applied for any work in over two decades, and the fact that the particular initiative at hand aligns rather radically with my own sense of vision for the world.

Just as I was finishing the effort, Kari texted in asking if we might turn the tables and have me give her some coaching and guidance around a new project contract she has coming in the door. Serving others, serving friends, contributing to good work in the world, all central to my own sense of well-being made that a bit icing on the cake to celebrate my new efforts to join the workforce in my unconventional ways.

The conversation went well and I think we both got more than we expected. Just as we finished and I turned my attention towards some timely website updates, the phone rang again.

Elisa calling to take me along on her birthday walk down to the marina. From my little birds nest here on the hillside I was able, through the magic of technology, to enjoy the sunset, ocean, and city views she shared along the way via the modern messaging platforms which make such things possible.

While she walked and snapped photos, I organized the last years worth of journal entries into a manuscript to take with me to the writers workshop that Patience has gifted me as an activity for the weekend to nurture the possibility of “published author” being one of the activity streams that might build a better reciprocitive relationship with the world.

Kind of a day out of time, kind of busy and right in the middle of it. Stephanie was a delight and the support she brought today was her usual grace, good cheer, and hard effort. She’ll be back in the morning, just a few more days before her latest pandemic test comes back after her trip across the country with dad.

Plenty on the mind… Above all grateful for the gift of the Dharma, and the generosity of friendship all around.

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