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Kabir Kadre

Productivity as offering…

|1 year, 4 months ago

As the sun drops over the horizon, I checked the time and thought to myself, “this workday may just be coming to an end…”

My to-do list, with which I have a love affair, stretches forward and I turn my attention to nudging forward those gems which will not make it to completion today.

Terra has just stepped out for some last-minute groceries from the corner store.

I think to myself in the dimming light, what is it that draws my attention now, late in the day, to this writing?

There are other projects I could dig into just now, correspondence, organizing the podcast project, building the guided meditation tool I plan to use for the foreseeable future… Why this? Why now?

If I finish the writing, there may be a moment left to spend on some of the more granular bits such as correspondence to close friends and distant acquaintance, nothing that requires too much commitment, but keeps the energy flowing.

If I do write, as indeed I am, I will have some substance to share, an artifact a little bit wild. No vast audience, but vulnerable to discovery as it will land on a website and be pushed to social media.

In this way I will have some crumbs of the gratitude I feel to be alive to offer into the great and beautiful abyss of the world. By comparison, insignificant, and yet the vastness itself is made up of just so many humble expressions of being.

I have poetry to write. Elisa sent a photo the other night, just waiting for some words to enter the dance of back-and-forth that I have been honored to share with Dave for some time now. Those words have not arrived just yet, but these…

I feel so privileged and so happy that I can publish. No small barriers there, technical insight and support; resource to maintain the platform; the luxury of time away from subsistence measures; the sense of creativity in my bones…

Evaluating the fleeting moments of the day, this possibility, the opportunity simply to share with a few souls I know and love, and the unlikely few beyond them… That in itself is precious.

Until one day when I can simply exhale the fullness of all love from my heart into the bones of beings everywhere, this little artifice itself serves that majestic purpose.

Today I end the latest run of antibiotics, and pray for swift recovery from their side effects.

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