Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Poetry in the sky

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 9 months ago

Sunlight streams in the window, bright and clear – a distinct contrast to the yellows of recent days. It’s hot outside, still in the low 90s, cooling from an even hundred degrees that warmed the midday.

I’m back in creation mode – spent most of the afternoon tending to the development process of our “soon to be announced” MettaCare workshop scheduled for mid November. Today I started to organize the schedule, build the on boarding materials, and develop a workshop template for each of the seven construct areas we’ll be exploring.

I found myself bobbing back and forth between feelings of absolute mastery and internal blank stares as the ideas, inspirations, and lessons from others wove their way through the process.

It’s 5:45, 45 minutes till our little crew will sit down for an hour of reading aloud and reflection on The Tao of Pooh as a way of continuing to build team dynamic, insight, and capping the day.

Meditation was a few minutes early this morning after more detailed dreams last night – something about an old friend learning to hold better boundaries for themselves, a wild polar bear, or maybe it was a puma, wondering if I might be lunch, and a tongue-in-cheek aggressive but good-natured badger with a baseball bat that really turned out to be me after all.

As Patience and I started the morning routine, I put play on the audiobook of the Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep – the practices described turned out to be quite familiar now suddenly after two or three years of studying with Dan. I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising as the author, my first Tibetan teacher, also happens to be well associated in the same tradition.

I found myself looking forward to this evening and the chance to put these new insights into practice.

The skin breakdown that got bad yesterday, was much improved this morning, I spent nearly an hour on my side nonetheless to nurse along the healing. This shortened the window between rising and rolling out the door to take the car for service.

As it was, we made the exit from the garage 15 minutes behind schedule, but according to the routing software – just precisely right to arrive on time for our appointment. I always like to plan a few extra minutes, and love it when things seem to align naturally.

Arriving at the service center, Patience stepped out to ensure they had a loaner vehicle available that would accommodate a wheelchair before making the effort to move me from the car. I sat there alone, fumbling with the music for a moment and then looked up.

One of the greatest and under sung contributions of the Tesla model X is the panoramic windscreen. The difference feels like rolling about inside a box versus a walkabout in the wide world. Your eyes can go from straightforward to straight up without interruption, as though one was standing on the beach.

So there I was, and then I looked up. Beautiful thin wispy clouds stretching across the sky like a giant feather in the Big Blue. The sun not quite just overhead was about to be overcome by this gossamer sheet, the edge of which was just now picking up the light and starting to spread a rainbow through its lace.

As I sat there, feeling content and grateful for this little bit of beauty, a gang of crows circled up just so, spinning lazily around the sun… Blue sky, bright light, feathered white with rainbow, and black silhouettes circling around, if that wasn’t poetry, then I just don’t know what is.

Patience returned with news that they had a car for us and began the process of unloading. We made our way out, this piece, that piece, water bottle, mask… And were just about to wheel on down the sidewalk when Marc, our service advisor appeared with a smile, some paperwork, and the key to the car just next to us.

Sitting there in the shade, 10 AM or shortly thereafter and plenty of heat in the air, we made a new friend while Patience admired the slick black X we were getting into, lovely beige interior and “dead tree” trim.

As we left, the lady mentioned that she thought perhaps we might find food and that sounded like a very good idea and so we did, I asked the phone for directions and got a recommendation – turn right, and off we went. We drove for a while and I kept thinking to myself it seems like we are going farther than we had planned.

“It’s just ahead past the 163” I said.

“Past 163!?” Said Patience, “that’s behind us!”

“So it is.” I smiled.

Now the line started getting shorter and eventually we found ourselves pulling up to the burger joint – impossible burgers in mind, garden burgers on the menu, beef on the plates of what looked to be a nearly exclusively male clientele.

The temperature continued to climb as I waited in the car in the shade, cool air blowing and contentment on the heart.

We came home just as the thermostat began to read 100° to find LB and Eliana smiling and working in the garden.

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