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Kabir Kadre

Plenty to do, big and small

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 8 months ago

Some spits of rain today, expected, but caught us off guard nonetheless. Patience and I had just come in from surveying her mornings work on the front fence (now complete and awaiting the gate project) to get lunch when the showers fell, requiring a quick scramble to catch tools and other bits out of the weather.

The afternoon after been a hazy dusting of wet off and on ever since. More than I had anticipated given the reporting, which even now defies my eyeballs indicating clouds but no precipitation.

Another lingering morning of drowsy rising. The latter half of the 3 o’clock hour seems to be my standard waking time these days, as long as I can meet it with some energy that works just fine for me as a perfect window for meditation. Circadian rhythms or some such seem to have me back to lethargic by the 7 o’clock hour, my generally scheduled rising time.

More resting this morning, then wound care, excellent progress being made day after day in that department. Today called for fresh wound cream after these rocky months have burned through existing supply. I (and we) are really getting the hang of the production ceremony…

Play sacred music.

Gather supplies.

Meditate on the fullness of healing energy in the cosmos.

Let it flow through the room and our bodies.

Sense the proper proportions.

Ritually mix the ingredients into a fine cream.

Place on the altar to “cook.”

Feel the gratitude.

That occupied part of the “healing hour”, leaving room for clipping back of the fingernails which have gotten a bit clawlike in the recent week or so.

Morning news, strange as it is these days, or is that horrifying, left me wondering if there is really any good argument for showing an image of the prophet in a public setting, or if we’ve just become impulsively aggressive towards one another without any real underlying debate.

Up then and on the way, just a little before the noon hour. I’m hoping this restful weekend will have prepared me for the week of undoubted intensity to follow. For this week to go well I will almost certainly have to find and secure two new care partners and likely some better clarity on income, though that may be able to wait as much as a week longer.

After breakfast we went outside to survey the fence project. Part way through the conversation I noticed the puddle forming on the far patio. Quizzically I wondered… Neither of us had any idea offhand and turned back to our discussion of the gate frame.

Having sorted out our construction details, asked for a little support to wheel over and investigate the mystery spill. For now it seems to be coming through the garden wall, out of the hillside.

Suspicious that something was up I asked Patience to investigate the water meter in the ground by the sidewalk. Sure enough it was spinning along measuring some water output that we are most certainly not putting to good use.

I sent a few texts. Elisa had recently had a broken pipe under her foundation and so I asked, “did it look like this?”

Not knowing what else to do I just went back to work on the weekly review. The text came back sometime later, “Yes!” Followed quickly by “I’m calling you.”

At the prompting I undertook some further investigation. Apparently we’ve been averaging daily nearly 900 gallons of water for some weeks now. I’m almost afraid to ask where it’s all gone.

On top of the financial crunch, care crunch, and related housing crunch, I hardly have any energy to get riled up about this, except just to wonder if I really am just about to crack open, or whether all this heat and pressure will have a more tempering effect. I for one am surrendered to having no idea.

I took down the number of the city insurance program just to check tomorrow if I’m covered through that avenue, and will of course be calling my home insurance policy to determine any recourse there. I also called the plumber that Elisa referred me to who agreed to stop by tomorrow to have a look at things.

Not much more to do there for now, I turned my attention back to the care partner search, reaching out to another handful of promising candidates online. A couple of folks have responded, hopefully these will translate to conversations and perhaps more in the next day or so.

I spoke briefly with David, continuing to feel into the tender nature of his ongoing recovery from and ongoing care for the field of care on the rivers edge in rural Virginia. He expresses such a careful way of considering his experience, and all those things that he is able to sense into through that field of awareness. Having the privilege of such friends my life is a very easy reminder of how much I have to be grateful for.

The rest of the afternoon I have thus far spent reflecting on the invitation from Vanessa’s husband to consider the abysmal state of employee churn in the fledgling cannabis industry. He has some clear sense of what we might do to address this place and has expressed real curiosity as to what I might have to contribute to nudging that in an evolutionary direction. He shared numerous articles and some of his own thoughts on the matter, and I look forward to speaking with him again tomorrow afternoon.

Stephanie will be here in a few moments tell me wind down the day. The sky is white with flecks of grey, whether we will have anymore wet today remains to be seen, it doesn’t look that way just now, but of course it’s never quite looked like rain today, except of course that is for the rain.

Tomorrow I will finish clearing any of my private affairs from the car in hopes of a smooth and swift sale from any of those who’ve been poking about the offer. Plenty to do, big and small…

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