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Kabir Kadre|1 year, 9 months ago

Is it Saturday already? The news this morning reports the signing of a peace deal in Sudan; and apparent end to 17 years of civil war. Good opener.

The news this morning closes with 59 mommies uncovered after 26,000 years of undisturbed rest. Of course my mind goes directly to “here comes the 2020 zombie apocalypse.” I’ll expect no less.

Peace is good, of course peace is good.

In all of the spacelessness of time this week, or is that the timelessness of space, this morning was something just enough out of the ordinary to perturb the pattern. I woke early enough for a personal meditation before the household gathering.

Cassandra was running behind and would need to leave sooner than I expected. A shower would be in order, a ritual usually conducted in the evening today in it’s more luminous expression, daylight casting in through the window bringing a different sparkle to the jeweled droplets clinging to the tile walls.

A different rhythm, thump thump.

And I was up. Toasty deluxe for breakfast (toast with ghee, almond butter, sliced bananas, cacao nibs, and when available, bee pollen; today, ground flax) and coffee. A long chat with technical support attempting to undo a piece of malware installed on my computer by the Corel company in efforts to annoy me into spending another hundred and $50 with them. For anyone reading this, I publish it here as an encouragement to steer far away from the company and their products.

An email from Dennis, encouraging me to register a “teacher profile” with the Insight Timer meditation app. I appreciate the opportunity to contemplate sharing perhaps with others some “mindfulness moments of wisdom inquiry…”

Note to self – don’t forget to develop multiple streams of income, would have been wise to do that long ago. 🙂

Patience and I went out to take some groceries to a friend in need today. Stopping in Ocean Beach on the way home for a quick burrito, we found ourselves driving north along the coast just as the great red ball undertook its final descent towards the ocean below.

“Look at the beautiful sunrise!” I said, simultaneously laughing to myself as I realized that we were in fact admiring a sunrise, just from the back.

Nearly home when the phone rang, the timeless master Parselle of and from whom I never quite feel I’ve heard enough, gracing me with a few minutes of his chuckles and wit. We arrived home quickly enough, but as Miss Patience had tweaked her back earlier, we took the opportunity for me to simply bask in the joy of dialogue while she went inside to do some yoga before pulling my cheerful body from the car.

Darkness now covers the land surveilled by these windows here. The night will come soon to an end, deep darkness, perhaps some luminous witness, and then morning again.

Of course there was also the middle of the day, Cassandra had had to leave earlier, as I mentioned, than I had planned. Elisa cheerfully agreed to come and co-work in order to ensure the continuity of my fluids coming and going during the midday.

Like rocks and soil, that relationship is familiar and easy. She got some spreadsheet done, I some email, now on to the week…

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