Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Personal notes: 1:30 AM.

Kabir kadre|2 years, 14 days ago

Still awake, in bed end of day by 8 PM, care to come for rising sometime near 10:30 AM.

Head oscillating between feelings of pain and sadness and even resentment for the injustice of the world and how it today lands on me.

Other moments, some form of restfulness. Not sleep.

Sitting up to wonder what else I might do with these moments. Maybe this. Check your email.

Offer of healing, encouragement and support from my new friend Jeff. A long essay on the history of White Space from my old friend Henry.

Bank balance notice. Still alone. (low)

Some new ideas of how to ask for help dancing through my mind.

Ferocious deities and demons of wrath and suffering looming at tho corners, daring me to stray into despair.

Even so, I count my fortunes. These words to write, this device on which to write them, electricity to power the communication. The gentle fan on the feeling moving air through the well appointed and comfortable bedroom. The spacious area outside, with nature so close. A friend sleeping in the next room, helping as much as she can in these challenging moments of my life.

Kindness of new friends, sincere concern for others. My own ability to remember and care for those who have suffered before me and our (are) suffering still.

The strength in my spirit to want to do more with this life, to do anything at all that might reduce the suffering of others.

I thought this was just a note, apparently it was a few words more.

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