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Kabir Kadre

Persistent tensions…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

It’s not as hot as it has been, but somehow the day still feels like an oven. If I had been tracking, I’m sure I could notice a measured difference in the humidity. As it is, we are just swimming through the heat of the day now.

Overheated and dehydrated from our conversation outside with the gentleman who came to clean the cars, Patience has gone to pick up takeout rather than wandering lost in the kitchen for an hour trying to put together lunch.

More strangeness rippling through our world today. And no I’m not talking about the US head honcho banning Chinese technology – which is quite reasonably a US national security concern –, nor am I referring to the U.S. Congress reconvening two weeks early in order to discuss matters of the Postal Service, I’m also not talking about the continued uprising in Belarus against the increasingly Russian backed “democratically elected” dictator of the region.

The house was hot last night which made sleep a little restless. I felt groggy through my meditation this morning – to be fair, more groggy than meditation. Patience arrived on calendar at 7 AM, sweet Uma (our canine friend) in tow to meet Michael the detailer, and Stephanie for her last day of training.

Michael’s timing was perfect, just a few minutes behind, and Patience and Uma and I rendezvoused once things were settled in the transition. Stephanie was nowhere to be found. A few more minutes passed… The strange case of the missing new care partner is really starting to become an odd theme.

Reaching out by text we learn that her sister, who was going to give her a ride, has vanished somehow without note, and the Uber service somehow has no drivers available in her area!

Our dear friend was distraught, understandably, on multiple levels giving us a chance to step into service from this end and begin to explore what it looks like to run care in multiple directions through a care system. Stephanie’s car recently found its way to the repair center and subsequently with news that she’s probably better off moving to a new vehicle. This morning seemed to be pressing the case.

Patience and I have already been discussing sharing my whip and she naturally thought to offer her car on temporary loan to Ms. Stephanie to take the pressure off an otherwise urgent decision. MettaCare in action.

Lunch has arrived… Time elapsed…

Patience and LB and I just had lunch together and started moving through the house as roommates to evaluate the condition and uses of each space in order to build a coherent intention and understanding around the physical systems aspect of our emerging collective culture.

Stephanie has rescheduled her training day to tomorrow and Patience has graciously agreed to come in and facilitate.

Gathered around me in the office are the artifacts of the broken coffee grinder, broken vacuum cleaner, broken bike pump, and “go bag” awaiting updates. Documents staged on the desk to be scanned and the mailing reminder to check our voter registrations, all indications of the transitionary qualities of the moment.

Physical discomfort was persistent through the morning hours and into the midday, but had subsided now.

The hours of the day are waning and I’ve had some good opportunities to do coaching with LB and Stephanie, but there is work to be done, and so the luxury of writing must come to an end…

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