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Kabir Kadre

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|1 year, 3 months ago

I didn’t anticipate making it out of bed today due to the current status of care partner shortages, but serendipity prevailed and with Ms. Nova’s visit this morning the timing was perfect.

The usual valley view from the window I found enhanced by the view of the bright orange and blue bouncy castle appearing in the backyard down the hill and across the way.

I can’t tell if it’s the spasticity in the body, the busyness in the work, or the rustyness of the effort, but I’m finding the blank page a bit more daunting today.

I notice the thought in mind bringing awareness to a somewhat amorphous audience – some of whom are indeed happy for the clerical updates of goings-on, while I myself also represent some portion of that audience with a certain preference for evocation and poeticism.

This is a reflective writing approach, not so much a declaration of certainty, a struggle with inquiry, more writing for the sake of writing… Are there not enough published words? Is it a necessary exercise of the creative muscle? What purpose is being fulfilled; and is that important to know?

I met the gentleman buyer of the house today as he came by with a structural engineer to review the property. They were of course quite busy and he was very apologetic for having disturbed us on a Sunday. In earnest I tried to dissuade his apologies as completely unnecessary. It was only in retrospect that I recognized I might have been more nuanced in my receptivity and engagement had I been more sensitive to his Middle Eastern cultural origins.

He seemed enthusiastic and genuinely happy to make the personal connection. Our engineer friend was distinctly all business, though with a few friendly contacts, the casual word here and there along the tenure of his visit, he did warm up eventually, cheerfully telling us about the improvements in technology to support his field.

It does nonetheless appear as though we are likely somewhat behind on our formal closing date – not at all uncommon I think in these transactions. This produces a fair synergistic relief on any pressure we might be feeling in looking for the next place; a process enormously led and facilitated by Elisa who studies the market daily, identifying target properties, making appointments, and giving the live video tours of prospective new homes.

Meanwhile in the midst of it all, neighbor Ron stopped by this morning after I took him up on his yesterday’s offer to be of help with any care partner support. Enthusiastically he asked to learn the full detail of my care needs and we will likely “train him” sometime this week. Today it was just tell make sure my leg bag could see a timely drainage and a little extra hydration in the mix.

It’s rather wonderful the new friendship that is emerging there, a bit ironic that it really starts to cook while we are in the midst of escrow and on our way out, but Ron has sincerely indicated his intention to not let distance detract from our ongoing conversation.

Feeling in good form I have laid the groundwork for the coming week. With luck I will have a few conversations with potential care partners, wrap up the immediate tax efforts and make headway on a couple of professional and personal creative efforts.

Today was the last day of medicine for the UTI so fingers crossed that that may be finally addressed after a three-week saga of discomfort on the matter.

The equinox has arrived, now to see what spring holds for us in this turning of the spiral…

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