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Kabir Kadre

One, two, three…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 11 months ago

Nice hot productive day yesterday. The morning with Patience progressed easily and smoothly, auspicious no doubt for our first formal care run together.

It’s been two decades since we first met, and I was touched yesterday to see a clear and elegant linear progression in the woman I met those years ago. At the time, a single mother of two young children, she had put her feet squarely on the path of intent to become more spiritually grounded and more connected in the world.

Today she is a many times over accomplished businesswoman with a clear and sincere spiritual practice of meditation, yoga, and discipline in the world. The effects of her 20 years of focus reflect a distinct accumulation of benefit and integrity.

Our interactions yesterday touched the mundane cleanliness of the home, the health of the body through proper nutrition and skillful handling, the aspirations of spiritual practice, and the practical matters of nurturing, coaching, and embodying leadership both informally in life as well as within explicit organizational structures.

Rising this morning with some concern for potential (and hopefully minor) skin breakdown issues, I found myself contemplating the nature of the effective care systems, culture, and routines that I’ve enjoyed over the last many years.

In the current conditions of piecemeal care and low coherence among those participating in terms of both direct and asynchronous communication flows I find myself learning from scratch about the nature of constructing care system (Care Field) integrity from the ground up. I’m struck immediately by the profound value of having, at the very least, a dyad of individuals to form and hold such a container.

It feels important to my work today that I’m starting from a significantly solo position, though I’m also grateful for what appears to be emerging as a powerful thought and practice partner in Patience.

The RN came by from the service today for her regular (few times a week it seems) check in and tuneup. In the middle of another 18 hour workday, we were able to coax her off her feet for a cup of coffee in the morning air as I took breakfast.

She had a profound sense of relief having just received a negative test result for the pandemic virus, even plastering the document on her telephone screen as the wallpaper. Apparently she had had to wait for a week to get the results and had felt quite profoundly on edge with anxiety the whole time.

Today we learned that one of her goals is to earn $1 million, the what comes next seems somewhat less clear. She mumbled something to do with giving at least a portion of it away. I find her a kind and caring soul, though the opportunity to feel more a sense of her heart connected to something more grounded than the uncertainty and anxiety of the day is quite palpable to me.

The young woman who keeps emailing me about scheduling and caregiving interview and then ambiguously rescheduling, has done so again today it seems. She was doing her 20 minutes ago, but an email from an hour before says simply and cryptically:

“Kabir I have to teach serf class today…”

Apparently that means now, though I’m not so concerned as this seems par for her current course and enough information that I likely need pay little attention to any further messages coming in from that direction.

So back to the drawing board on recruitment, probably time to pay for another ad.

The morning gets late, and the to do list and projects beckon. One, two, three, they say…

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