Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

One of those days…

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 10 months ago

Late midday, or is it early afternoon… I’ve lost track, but not really.

It’s been a weary day, largely unproductive except listening to the ideas of others.

Sleep last night was broken and disjointed, even “sleeping” in this morning left much to be desired. Today was a skeleton crew, just LB and myself, Cassandra will be in for a while this evening to lighten the load.

LB had school and enrollments and class this morning to focus on so the rising process, which started late, finished quickly. I had only been up about 45 minutes before the discomfort set in.

I weathered the autonomic dysreflexia just clearing the backlog of articles and handling a few correspondence until noon and a late breakfast. Just as I was finishing the last bite outside, grateful for the warmth of the sun, not too hot today, as it cooked away what of the discomfort it may, Elisa called.

We spoke for about an hour and midway through I recognized the need to just get horizontal and asked LB’s assistance to settle me back on the bed.

I was listening to a podcast over breakfast, the new endeavor of an old friend. After Elise and I parted, I lay resting with my eyes closed, just finishing the story of The Great Turning.

As that came to a close and my discomfort had not waned, I was left to wonder – is this no longer a lower back issue, perhaps some pressure concern or other malevolent disorder. I asked LB back again and we did some further investigation, urine quality, stoma in order, backside pressure concerns…

I decided to remain on my side, just proactively taking pressure off the back and continued listening to the conversation mom had sent over a day ago or so. Many ideas, a moment in history calling out for loving kindness and care.

I decided to have some lunch and got out of bed into the garden again. The somewhat lapsed discomfort stayed mostly away for about an hour. Patience and Mike arrived with the moving truck, their condition not much better than my own. Tension, anxiety, lack of rest…

The moving is going slowly. LB pushing through on class selection, me now just getting these words down, next stop full recline again until dinner no doubt.

What a day, I wonder how things are with the rest of the world…

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