Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Oh the saddle…

|1 year, 6 months ago

December 24

I woke this morning, gradually, comfortably, easily.

The house is quiet, meditation occupied the centerstage.

Stephanie would be here in a few minutes, or so I thought.

Hours came and went, I cleared email on my phone, and began listening to Barret Brown on a podcast.

Nova emerged from her room around 9:30 AM to find me with shock in her face.

Not at all used to life with paralysis, she was beside herself to find that I could be left alone in such a manner.

She had an appointment in 30 minutes but spring into action, imagining she might get me up and about for the day, she went to work.

Alaska the undercarriage wounds from yesterday have not healed but rather exacerbated.

There was no time, with a fresh glass of water down, I returned to the resting state.

Nova moved onto her call and I called Cassandra. She and David were out walking with Elisa and answered cheerfully on this Christmas Eve morning.

She would be happy to come right over.

Her on site diagnostic was that the wounds were a matter of chafing, and pinch resulting from the excessive spasticity of the last few days.

This diagnosis made sense. The wound was open now and we treated with algae and dried greens, essential oil, and a little micro silver for sterilization.

Just as we were nearing completion of the treatment, Stephanie rang in, taking care of her niece late into the night, she had failed to adequately charge her alarm clock found herself sleeping to 11.

She arrived as Cassandra was finishing up getting me into the chair and clean for the day.

David and Cassandra bid their adieu, and I moved to the office while Stephanie prepared oatmeal for breakfast.

It was not to last. I managed a few tasks and breakfast before the discomfort got the better of me.

Optimistically I retired to the couch to call Charles whom I had missed an hour before.

Reclined in anticipation of the return of clear sensation, we spoke cheerfully to one another, Mostly me encouraging Charles to narrate narrate narrate at length various details of the world and history that he has so elegantly at his command.

Eventually however it became clear that the discomfort was only worsening.

I thanked him for the conversation and turn my attention to a return to bed.

This minor trauma of the body is in a very tender spot, almost impossible not to impose upon in any condition save lying prone.

That is how I spent the remainder of The afternoon, resting, bear in the open air, more green medicine and hopes for a swift recovery.

I have set up this evening now just to write these words. Nova is making pizza, and I will retire I expect not too late tonight, clearing away of course for Santa to make his rounds unmolested.

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