Kabir Kadre
Wisdom Dialogues

Wisdom Dialogues

are a dynamic coaching tool. They are a deep listening together to discover the beauty, opportunities, and promise within ourselves, our relationships, and the wider context in which our lives unfold.

“…it is his capacity for listening that provides a true, sure pathway to the powerful self knowing that liberates those he coaches and counsels so ably.”

For Life

Are you preparing to launch the next grand initiative? Are you ready to step into a reflective appreciation of the recent success? Is there something surfacing that’s not quite clear yet? Are you struggling with an obstacle that resists your every effort? Are you seeking to venture more deeply into your relationship, or perhaps a relationship feels like it’s trying to get too deeply into you? Perhaps your questions are more existential or maybe you just want your group or team to function better.

Seeking answers or solutions is a deeply familiar part of the human experience. Yet we know from our lives that answers are not the whole story. Answers are contextual. The quality of the answers we discover are dependent on the quality of the inquiry. While we will come across answers, this work is about refining the inquiry; arriving at an inquiry rich with nutrients for new and greater flourishing, new and more generative questions.

For Executives & Leaders

Are you a leader managing an abundance of projects, people, and a dynamic landscape of opportunity and insistence? Is it time to step back for 30 minutes or an hour and let your soul be reminded of the majesty and grace of your circumstance? Is it time for a psychospiritual breather to resource your sense of perfection and flow? Could you use a nudge to step into that next big movement? Are you looking for a fresh thought partner to help you step outside of the familiar and assess larger directions? We spend so much of our lives at work, I invite you to consciously craft that context as a crucible for your own personal evolution. I am always moved to co-discover the sacred wisdom in the work that we do in the world every day.

What we will practice will be discerning the profound wisdom available in each moment of our lives. Engaging with this resource is key to leading an ever more agile, creative and beautiful dance of existence. Regardless of what draws you here, there is a field of wisdom of which you are both a part and the source. We will explore this together. Let’s call that field “the spirit of guidance.”

Our work together may be done remotely by telephone or video conference, or in person, one-on-one. Our work can also include your spouse, partner, or colleague. Sessions generally last an hour, although and quite naturally, we may wish to shorten or extend the duration at our mutual discretion.

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“It’s preferable
to notice the
nature of
each moment
of existence,
in real time.”