Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre
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Executives –

Are you a leader managing an abundance of projects, reports, and a dynamic landscape of opportunity and insistence? Is it time to step back for 30 minutes or an hour and let your soul be reminded of the majesty and grace of your circumstance? Is it time for a psychospiritual breather to resource your sense of perfection and flow? Could you use a nudge to step into that next big movement? Are you looking for a fresh thought partner to help you step outside of the familiar and assess larger directions? We spend so much of our lives at work, I invite you to consciously craft that context as a crucible for your own personal evolution. I am always moved to co-discover the sacred wisdom in the work that we do in the world every day.


I find working with groups and teams to be a tremendous opportunity. When we can seek and source wisdom as a collective, there is no challenge that cannot be met as a deep and creative opportunity to respond, to grow, to evolve, and to participate with our larger contexts as a community of wealth. Beautiful.


As well as working with professional groups, I have found it a rewarding and collectively stimulating experience to work with student groups. Regardless of the field of inquiry — medicine, psychotherapy, ethics, biology, architecture, or beyond — bringing a recognition of wisdom to the dialogue can profoundly deepen student engagement and learning.

Whether it’s your team of three or your department of hundreds, cultivating a culture of wisdom awareness and attention is a vital ingredient to a thriving and sustainable future.

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An open mind cultivatess illumination.
An open heart generates flow.
An open will empowers manifestation.