Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre
Conflict Resolution


and tension are natural qualities, inherent to the process and experience of life. These qualities are ever present, sometimes invisible, sometimes experienced as nourishing – as in the case of working our way through a growth edge – and sometimes experienced as pain and discomfort.

When conflict and tension surface in our relationships with others, as individuals, in our personal and or professional contexts, or even organizationally (between one collective and another), they reveal territories of inquiry yet untapped for their inherent value.

Life itself, and the intelligence that unfolds it, is an ongoing process of creating, exploring, and transcending conflict and tension. So often, our response to these qualities is to seek to get away from them, yet doing so is often much easier imagined then done.

From a “wisdom perspective“, we can peer into these conditions with an inquisitive eye. Doing so allows us to discover more intimately the legitimate values seeking to be revealed and integrated; and therefore facilitates our capacity to creatively address these moments and cultivate generative and enriching outcomes.

Where are you experiencing conflict in your life? How may we be of service to your journey through that encounter that you may emerge on the other side nourished, enriched, and empowered?

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We do not draw a boundary without defining value; we cannot take a perspective without revealing beauty.