Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre
Catastrophic Injury Litigation – Process Support

Catastrophic Injury Litigation – Process Support

Personal injury and the years of complex litigation, negotiation, struggle, and confusion that surround it is a context with which I am intimately familiar.

On a sunny November afternoon in 2002, the vehicle that I was driving careened off the highway, rolled over, and came to rest in an otherwise peaceful and pleasant roadside field in the beautiful Arizona countryside. Two of my dear friends lost their lives on that day, and I was left a quadriplegic, my life forever changed.

The next four years were spent negotiating the dramatic changes in my physical condition, life and living situations, occupational pursuits, and relational dynamics with friends, families, and service providers. Questions of manufacturing integrity, testing, and product liability required that I additionally attend to the tremendous complexity of the United States Personal Injury Liability legal framework.

In the context of this system, I was fortunate to have on my legal team a dear and kind friend who could help me to navigate the emotional, psychological, relational, and systemic dynamics of my situation. Nonetheless, it was indeed a struggle that added substantial weight to my already unsteady position.

All of this simply to say that I have lived through the process of injury, litigation, negotiation, eventual settlement, and management of that new condition. From those rocky beginnings I have lived a rich and fulfilling life. By observing the process as it unfolded, reflecting on the nature of the human systems involved, and considering those conditions in the context of life since, I have developed an understanding about how to support those who themselves are wrestling with the process.

Whether you are an injured party, the family or friends to one, the prosecution legal team, or even the defense legal team or in fact defense party, I have an invaluable perspective that can facilitate a more sophisticated, more graceful, and with luck more harmonious journey through your process.

If this is your situation today, reach out now for this bespoke support, you’ll be glad that you did.

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When you understand interconnectedness, it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying.

~ Robert A. F. Thurman