Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

October 31

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

As the vestiges  of my most recent life slowly dissolve back into the protoplasmic soup from which  all life emerges and “I” rest ever deeper into that liminal place of dissolution and potential return, I have been gifted a moment.

Nothing so sublime as cosmic mystery, or waves of grace, and at that , perhaps…

The simple human creativity that tells a story because it is beautiful and worth sharing. This too must also be recognized as sublime grace. It is ours. We have been gifted it. Within that we have found, For eons, a source of inspiration, aspiration, and growth.

Or maybe better to say, within that, life itself has found an incredible tool for creative transformation and expansion into the stillness of space.

But I digress, I am referring here to nothing more profound then a simple television program.

Queen’s Gambit on the original streaming service, Netflix, rises above so many efforts in recent years to tell the story of our apparently orphaned nature, our confusion with death and struggle, Our aspirations for something beautiful, and potential  for  that realization to manifest a birth.

I began watching, for the chess which has always fascinated and intimidated me. I was disappointed initially when they kept me so far from that simple playing surface.

Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if it were just 64 squares ordered crisply and cleanly defined? Wouldn’t life be so much easier with just 16 pieces of predictable and order tension holding it all together?

But alas, they drug me into the depths of the character. I wanted to look away, find something more distracting, something faster pace to consume my neurons, but alas… it was only me, only us, There was no looking away.

Many episodes and hours later, and just moments ago, I escaped, rather was let go.

Captured by the beauty of what I had seen in that moment, I was touched to recognize how much time I had just paid that story.

Simultaneously, I was touched by the gift , here on this path from fullness and emptiness, into that which is both.

What a privilege for the moment to exhale myself and these “problems“ Of a simple human situation, to inhale that timeless reminder of our boundless possibility.

A Small gift in that moment for me was to remember the value of the moment, to remember that I value this writing, this opportunity for reflection, and the ability to share it.

There was so much to cherish in that moment, blessings overflowing in  me and I recognized the only real response is generosity.

A wiser man would meditate, sowing compassion and love for worlds beyond worlds, insects and biota near and far, all life as one, as they say.  This lesser man, though with aspiration to serve more than his own fleshly concerns, chose to write.

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