Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

Number two

|1 year, 5 months ago

My face sweats, I wore cotton today, even knowing the potential for dampness. Some discomfort has persisted through the day, coming and going in waves.

Just now the light is golden and warm outside, the sky awash in pastels and grays. Day two in the year coming to a close…

Both Nova and I working in the sunroom, running on what feels like the last energy of the day, and somehow not even 5 PM.

I woke near the 3 o’clock hour, energy perfect for meditation, and sat for a while, just peacefully taking in the stillness.

Meditation was crisp and clean. Afterwards I lay back to sleep again.

The morning would start late, Cassandra not in until 11 today. I had fun reading email and watching the gang go nuts on crypto Twitter while bitcoin soared over $4000 up over the course of the day.

Some years ago I had many of those bitcoin myself, now all I have to show for it is a high-quality financial education. I did buy $50 worth the other day, pretty sure it’s worth about $75 now. 🙂 I’m grateful for the education.

Nova was off to the park with her daughter today, so Cassandra and I rose into a quiet house. First thing on rising I made my way out the front door into the warm sunshine to check up on the pond. Still a leak, still narrowing down possible causes, at least now I know our first fix worked.

Elisa called to say she was running behind schedule for our meeting today. It hardly felt urgent in the quiet sun of the midday air. As I chatted, sitting there next to the white rose, enjoying the atmosphere, Cassandra busied herself around the garden with watering, picking up, and making nice.

David came walking down the hill into view, just back from finding a sale in the vitamin department up the street, grinning against the blue sky.

We all lingered for a moment before making our way inside, the lady and the gentleman to the kitchen, and myself to the desk.

Breakfast was oatmeal followed by an armload of supplements and a shot of coconut water.

We discussed, of course, the crypto markets, a truly fascinating phenomenon, just tipping over the edge into something we’ve never seen before in such a shape.

Elisa arrived, collected a cup of tea, and the four of us sat down for a short meditation in preparation for our meeting.

David opened with an apology, “I’ve been thinking and acting from the fear of you going to a nursing home, I’m going to eliminate that possibility from my mind so that it won’t distort what I can see as possible.”

We are on the same page, I told him, that’s not an option for me either.

So the question, sell the house or try to keep it. That was the main focus. Beyond that, getting some equity out in either case, a basic necessity, and Plan B beyond, relocating to a different country entirely… I hear that healthcare in the kingdom of Jordan is pretty first-class.

Nova came home and joined us about an hour in to our two hour conversation. It’s a good little family we’ve got here, lots of creativity, intelligence, vulnerability, humility and playfulness. We finished with marching orders, and by midweek should have a good idea of possible refinance scenarios to stay in the home, and a list of possible allies to help make that possible in a generative way.

Elisa headed out to pick up the K-9 from her grooming appointment, David and Cassandra finished in kitchen and headed north, Nova and I retreated into the quiet of the afternoon…

I sense an early bedtime today, tomorrow we will take another run at the fountain.

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