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Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

“I’m getting old.” He thought to himself, looking at the recent picture taken with friend, Nova.

A weariness after what feels like “some kind of a day…” The lease process for the adorable apartment appears to be back online after a late afternoon email from the property manager seeking to clarify “misinterpretations.” I have considered his concerns and made my reply. Perhaps things can go quickly and smoothly from here.

I bid adieu to Krishna, our incomparable chariot for the last time today. I woke to news from the bank that the loan was cleared and managed to deposit the final check for payment just at closing time at the bank today. Late in the afternoon, just as the sun was dropping behind the house, Patrick arrived from Arizona, picked up the paperwork, and with smiles and friendly fist pump departed for the road.

Sweet Stephanie was running a few minutes behind this morning. The intrepid soldier, I could see the weariness in her form, she has been pulling long hours on all fronts of her life these past few weeks.

We spent some time with soothing check-in and then turned to a little group meditation – just the two of us – to start the day.

The morning was spent advancing the matters of the lease and auto sale while multitasking with a little crypto finance management. I spoke to David briefly, touching in a bit on some price action and considerations, and then Stephanie and I went outside into the sun to keep moving through garage decluttering in preparation for the vacancy that will be left of the car.

My friend Alexis rang in out of the blue, as he usually does. He has been away attending to the passing of his mother, and returned home to covid test uncertainties with his fiancée, so on tender ground. I urged him to stop by and just as we had moved towards a sandwich for lunch, his text came through, and moments later, his smiling face wandering down the hill, cup of coffee and fedora to complement his swagger.

We situated our seats in the sun at five paces from one another and began to carry on catching up. Generally I regaled him with the unfolding drama of care shortages, hospitalization, merchant efforts, and the recent housing discrimination concerns. “It really is a story…” I think to myself in this moment, just reflecting back on the telling of it and the rivet of the audience.

Alexis can be animated and he was out of his seat jumping in the air and pantomiming himself as a boxer in frustration with some of the unsettling terms of the tale. There was lots of grinning, plenty of laughter, and constant smile to our sharing.

Mary, the social worker, stopped by to see if there was any value she could add to the process. She had her daughter in tow, left in the car for now, and told us that she had grown up in this neighborhood and was just telling those stories to her daughter on the way in. She gave me the rundown of insights on my situation in her view. Probably the most salient thing I learned after interacting now with numerous social workers over the last year, is that I seem to have a firm handle on the orientation of my situation and the various support threads that may be available.

She left her contact information and departed. Meanwhile Alexis and Stephanie had become better acquainted in his interest in her artwork ignited. The sun was dropping, but we had a text from Patrick announcing the good fortune of his early arrival to San Diego airport. The text indicated his arrival was imminent. I bundled up with a scarf and readied the accoutrement to the transaction.

Patrick seemed an energetic and bright young man. He had stumbled into entrepreneurship, launching a chain of pest control services around the country and carried himself with the air and confidence of the self-made young man. He seemed very happy with the car and eager to get on the road. The whole exchange probably took less than 15 minutes and I watched with a smile on my face to see Krishna driving away, an image quite novel to me in my experience.

I was positioned perfectly, and the last picture I have in memory is the sidelong view of that lovely automobile, cresting the hill, backed entirely – roof to tire – by the beautiful blue sky as it rounded the corner and out of sight.

We moved inside for Stephanie to show us an incredible short video she had made – a time lapse of her painting a mural over the last month on the wall of a child’s bedroom in North County. She has an exquisite talent, complemented by her determination and open-heart, all of which came through in the video.

Assuring me she was going home to rest the weekend and indulge only self-care for the next few days, she departed with a smile. Nova of course caught her on the way out the door for a last-minute gift of some hand-me-down clothing, a gesture that even further ignited the young woman’s soul.

Alexis departed not long after, and Nova and I turned to address the afternoon. She had just come back from a grocery shop and would be taking the check from Patrick to the bank shortly before closing.

Shortly before Alexis departed, an email came through from the property management, a perfect complement to the afternoon’s storytelling. The tale was in his bones, and he jumped and smacked at the letter, wholly reanimated to the drama.

I myself had to take a few breaths to really appreciate the tone and content of the communication. It seemed almost as though it had been written, not by the leasing agent, but an attorney behind.

I made a few phone calls to some choice counsel to ensure a sound and generative reply. I was on the video with Elisa when Nova returned. The three of us go way back and this was a surprise reunion between the ladies. We carried on for a bit, and then it was time to turn to the more pragmatic matters of the day.

Nova offered to cover the outstanding care concerns through the beginning of next week, giving me a full week of runway to make the decisions and efforts to increase our complement. It’s fun getting our groove together and learning the subtle nuances of this old friend’s evolution since last we danced.

Finally in the day that felt like 10, it was time to turn to the last outward task, composing the reply toward securing the apartment.

Automobile, friends, tenderness, banking, artwork, storytime, groceries, care, and housing… Each an article of reverence in its own way, closing the day with that issue felt significant.

Then recording these thoughts, now pizza.

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