Kabir Kadre
Kabir Kadre

November 9

Kabir Kadre|1 year, 7 months ago

Monday, one day closer to the next thing. It may be that I have a path home and forward by Friday.

Ahlea has started looking at apartments, it may be that home on Friday is a new home entirely.

The Home health agency returned my call this morning late this afternoon to say that there may be some workability from their end.

It’s possible that lifting may be a concern, after and if we resolve the scheduling matters.

The paperwork is in to advance the social services aspect of things which will be necessary to make the 12 to 18 month run which just might be possible from here.

Jessica, the physical therapist came by this morning, after Bryan from occupational therapy stopped in for a bit. Monitoring my blood pressure, I managed to sit up on the side of the bed without trying to pass out. A good step in the right direction for getting mobile again.

Mary wrapped up this round of support at the house, Tidying the floors, plugging in the car, and raining about an a little on her way out.

Six hours later she reported a successful return to her home in Arizona.

Elisa called from Rosarito’s, or canine friend ran into an accident there and needed stitches before returning home to the states.

The end of the day was capped by a couple of echoes from the past. Another Jessica, once Jeff, called on the eighth anniversary of her transgender transformation, to say hello. She offered a reflection of appreciation for the support I have been to her at that time.

Later, a video call, Jett, from Thailand, waking up to her beautiful day there and quiet seclusion with her partner and their sole pupil  in their fledgling tutoring service.

We kept it light, but had a nice catching up, it was good to see her bright face, Adorned as it was in bright red lipstick. She looks healthy and happy, and it was good to hear her voice.

Meanwhile Sweet Charles went under the knife today. As I write these words I hope you will come out clean on the other side and is resting currently on a swift recovery.

In spite of the various baby steps forward, the hospital is starting to feel a bit like a blur as we come up on two weeks for this particular jaunt of the adventure.

It’s late, nearly 11 PM. I will write again tomorrow.

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